Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April 3 News

April 3
 Regular Rehearsals
at Grace United Methodist Church, OKC

April Tuition and Final High School Tour Payments Due THIS Week

This week marks our last tuition due date for the current school year!  How exciting is that?!  That said, please check with Beth Clark to make sure all your accounts (i.e. tour, uniforms, tuition, etc.) are up to date so that she can begin closing out the books for this year.  Thank you to all of you who have been faithful to your commitment in this regard.  

Parent Meeting Summary

Thanks to all who attended our parent meeting Tuesday night.  We covered a lot of subjects and still got out of there in less than an hour.  I love efficient meetings.  For those of you who could not attend, here is a brief summary of all that went on...

1. Jim Bare of Grace United Methodist Church welcomed us to Grace and invited us to the church's Easter Egg Hunt.  The Hunt, for all interested, is Saturday, April 7, at 2 p.m. rain or shine.  As the flyer says, "All children ages 2 years through 5th grade are welcome.  Bring a basket and a friend--we'll meet you in the gym!"

2.  We gave a non-profit update and elected our 2012-2013 board members.  They are as follows:  Todd Abner, Tracey Pearle, Ann Hankins, Elizabeth Teel, and Melissa Kamm.  We will be holding our first meeting next week and working hard to reach non-profit status by fall.

3.  We discussed some of the changes non-profit status will bring including a name change.  Come fall we will no longer be Oklahoma City Homeschool Choirs but rather Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs, Inc.  As such we will be using our new name at Convention this year to get the word out.  

4.  Come fall we will also have a new website.  Our website will be  Our new contact email will be:  We will finish out the year using our current email and website but if you would like to go ahead and make the change, both are already live and kept up-to-date.  We handed out an information postcard on Tuesday as well.  Extra copies of this postcard will be available at our information table through the month of April.

5.  Ooops!  One thing I forgot to mention at the meeting on Tuesday was how our form of weekly newsletters will change next year.  All communication will be sent out from the website and you will subscribe to your form of news via the website (we will no longer be responsible for adding your email address to our contact list).  If you sign on to the website you will see an area to the right that reads...


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Each family will be responsible for subscribing to the form of news they prefer to receive.  If you check your Facebook often, you can like us on Facebook to receive links to the latest Member News.  If you would prefer to continue getting Member News via email like this newsletter, you can subscribe via the purple email button.  If you are an RSS Feed reader, you can use the orange RSS button to subscribe to the Member News.  And, if you are a Twitter follower, you can subscribe that way to receive links to the latest Member News.  We're rather excited about this as it will save us lots of time typing each member's name into an email database and it will allow you to receive the news via the form you like best.  That said, if you plan on being involved with the choirs next year please feel free to go ahead and subscribe on the website now.  As you'll notice this newsletter is already on there.  You'll be extra hooked up!

6.  We put out several sign-ups Tuesday night which will be available throughout the month of April.  These include:  
  • Co-op or Homeschool Organization list where you can list any home school organization or co-op you are involved in to aid our analysis of the best rehearsal day for our organization.  As stated on Tuesday night, we have no plans to change our day of the week at this time but the board will be analyzing this and other data as we establish the new school year.
  • Convention Booth Sign-up.  We are asking families to sign up for at least one 35-40 minute time slot at our OCHEC Convention booth.  Times are alternated so that you will only miss one workshop, and have some time to shop before or after your session in the exhibit hall, as well as have at least 10 minutes to get to your next workshop once your duty is over.  While you are in the booth you will need to wear a vender badge.  Once your duty is over you will pass this badge to the next person on the list.  If you are not attending convention but would still like to help, please go ahead and sign up.  Let us know this when you sign up so that we may get with you about handing you a badge for your time slot.  Your duties while in the booth will simply be to talk with inquiries about the choirs, have them sign one of the two sign-up sheets, and give them an informational postcard.
  • Co-op and Homeschool Organization events sign-up.  We are looking to make our presence known at area home school organizations this next year whether it be a back-to-school fair or a monthly meeting.  If you are in an organization that might be interested in having us either perform or have a booth at an event, please let us know by signing this sign-up sheet.
  • Guys and Dolls sign-up.  On Tuesday (this Tuesday), a group of us will be going to Hefner Middle School to see Guys and Dolls, Jr.  We will be eating a sack lunch at the church before heading out.  Students are responsible for their own transportation but we will try to sit as a group.  Signing up for this event was due on Tuesday.  However, if you would still like to participate, please let me know ASAP and I will see if we can make room for more. 
  • Convention Ensemble Sign-up.  This year we have the opportunity to have several small ensembles perform at the convention.  This is for Elementary, Middle School, and High School choirs.  If your child can perform for 20 minutes with his/her group on Friday at the OCHEC convention please have them sign up.  
7.  We had a short informational meeting about the Middle School Tour.  If your family did not receive a copy of the Middle School Tour Handout complete with itinerary, performance venue address, and student groups, feel free to pick one up this next week at the information table.

8.  We had a short informational meeting about the High School Tour.   If your family did not receive a copy of the High School Tour Handout, feel free to pick one up this next week at the information table.

And that's it.  Look forward to seeing you Tuesday!