Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Choir News Addendum #2

This must be the week for addendums.  ;)  Three more things:

1.  The high school choir tour church has changed.  Please give Mrs. Falen a big hug tomorrow.  She has had more reservations and cancellations than I've ever heard of for a single trip.  All that to say, here's the new and hopefully final church location where the students will be performing and worship at on Sunday morning. 

Contact:  Amy Luckenbill,Director of Music
Overland Park Christian Church
7600 W 75th Street
Overland Park, KS\
2.  Spring Concert DVD pre-orders may be taken beginning this Tuesday.  The cost is $10/DVD.  To talk about how you can receive a copy of this year's Spring concert (one that I think will be a VERY VERY good one by the way) and place your order, please see Ann Hankins at the information table.

3.  High School parents--be looking for little tour updates sent to your inbox throughout the weekend.  Mrs. Falen has promised to send me updates often and maybe even a pic or two to share with you along the way.  As I receive them, I'll be sure to forward them on.  I'm getting so excited for everyone that I'm beginning to wish I was going too!  

That's all for now.