Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Choir News

OHC April 17
 Regular Rehearsals
at Grace United Methodist Church, OKC

The Final Countdown

There are only 4 more rehearsals including this week and the concert day.  As such we will be having a few extra combined rehearsals over the next several weeks during the 10:00-10:30 time slot.  This will be in addition to all regularly scheduled rehearsals.  Please check for when you will need to be present for these extra rehearsals

April 17--Combined Middle School and Elementary School Choirs
April 24--Combined Middle School and Elementary School Choirs
May 1--Combined rehearsal for ALL choirs

Convention--May 4-5

Don't forget that we are going to strive to make our presence known this year at convention both with a booth and ensemble performances during Friday's lunch hour in the food court.  Please check the registration table and sign up information below for more information.  We'd love to have your help and involvement!

Concert Day Schedule

The Concert and Concert Day Rehearsal will be at Springlake Metro Technology Center.   We will be meeting and rehearsing in the downstairs area of the Business Conference Center (1900 Spring Lake Dr.).  For more information and directions please see their website.   

9:30-10:30 a.m.  Music Experience
9:00-11:00 a.m.  Elementary
10:00-11:30 a.m.  Middle School
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  High School

Sign-Ups Continue
We put out several sign-ups Tuesday night at our March parent meeting which will be available throughout the month of April.  Please make an effort to fill these out as your involvement is what will keep this organization ticking.  These include:  
  • Co-op or Homeschool Organization list where you can list any home school organization or co-op you are involved in to aid our analysis of the best rehearsal day for our organization.  As stated on Tuesday night, we have no plans to change our day of the week at this time but the board will be analyzing this and other data as we establish the new school year.
  • Convention Booth Sign-up.  We are asking families to sign up for at least one 35-40 minute time slot at our OCHEC Convention booth.  Times are alternated so that you will only miss one workshop, and have some time to shop before or after your session in the exhibit hall, as well as have at least 10 minutes to get to your next workshop once your duty is over.  While you are in the booth you will need to wear a vender badge.  Once your duty is over you will pass this badge to the next person on the list.  If you are not attending convention but would still like to help, please go ahead and sign up.  Let us know this when you sign up so that we may get with you about handing you a badge for your time slot.  Your duties while in the booth will simply be to talk with inquiries about the choirs, have them sign one of the two sign-up sheets, and give them an informational postcard.
  • Co-op and Homeschool Organization events sign-up.  We are looking to make our presence known at area home school organizations this next year whether it be a back-to-school fair or a monthly meeting.  If you are in an organization that might be interested in having us either perform or have a booth at an event, please let us know by signing this sign-up sheet.
  • Convention Ensemble Sign-up.  This year we have the opportunity to have several small ensembles perform at the convention.  This is for Elementary, Middle School, and High School choirs.  If your child can perform for 20 minutes with his/her group on Friday at the OCHEC convention please have them sign up.  
Middle School Tour

THIS Saturday is the Middle School Choir Contest and Frontier City Fun Day.  Students will meet at Putnam City North High School (on Rockwell, north of NW 122nd St) at 9:20 a.m. and should arrive wearing their choir shirts and jeans.  

9:20 a.m.           Arrive at Putnam City North High School (11800 N. Rockwell).  Meet OUTSIDE the front of the school (the northwest entrance).
9:40 a.m.           Warm-up
10:00 a.m.         Perform for the Heartland Music Festival
10:40 a.m.         Load and travel to Earl’s BBQ on Memorial Rd. 
11:00 a.m.         Eat lunch at Earl’s BBQ
11:45 a.m.         Travel to Frontier City
12:00 p.m.         Arrive at Frontier City
5:00 p.m.           Awards Ceremony at the Crack Axle Canyon Gunfight Stage(in Frontier City)
5:45 p.m.           Parent pick at Frontier City main entrance.

Remember:  All students must stay with their assigned sponsor the entire trip.  If a student needs to leave early for any reason, a written notice will need to be received prior to the trip and the student and parent must check out with Kathy Gossen (833-6427) before leaving the group.  Note:  I do not receive text messages.  Please call.  Thanks!

That's it!  See you Tuesday!