Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Choir News

OHC May 1
 Regular Rehearsals
at Grace United Methodist Church, OKC

High School Tour Finalized Schedule and Room Assignments

Bella Voce Spring Tour
Kansas City

Thursday,  April 26
            9:30 AM- Leave Grace United Methodist Church
            12:30-1:30 PM- Lunch in Wichita, KS
            4:30 PM- Arrive at Holiday Inn Coco Key, Kansas City, MO
                 (Check in, unpack, rest, get ready for water park)
            5:30-9:00- Waterpark and dinner (on your own at hotel)
            9:00- Back to rooms
            10:00- Lights out

Friday, April 27
            8:00 AM- Breakfast
            9:00 AM to NOON- Prepare lunch at the Kansas City Community Kitchen
            12:00 PM- Perform for the guests at the KCCK (lunch with the guests)
            2:00 PM- Worship and bonding time at the hotel
            5:15 PM- Leave for New Theatre, Overland Park, KS (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee)
            9:00 PM- Back to hotel
            10:00 PM- Lights out

Saturday, April 28
            9:00 AM- Breakfast
            10:00 AM- Worlds of Fun (lunch on your own at park)
            5:00 PM- Leave Worlds of Fun for dinner
            7:00-9:00 PM- Waterpark
            9:00 PM- Back to rooms
            10:00 PM- Lights out

Sunday, April 29
            9:00 AM- Breakfast
            11:00 AM- Sing at First Southern Baptist Church, Overland Park, KS
            12:00 PM- Lunch
            1:00 PM- Leave for home
            4:00 PM- quick stop to eat, rest, stretch, etc
            7:30 PM- HOME!!!  Grace United Methodist Church

*We are taking two 15 passenger vans.  All luggage will be placed in a separate Suburban--Remember only one piece of luggage per person.
*Bring Choir shirts and jeans for Friday. 
*Dressy clothes for Friday night & Sunday.
*There will be one adult sponsor in each room.
*You don’t need money for meals, but you might want to bring a little spending cash.
*Dress modestly at the waterpark--no bikinis, unless covered.  
Please call/e-mail if you have any remaining questions.  Good ways to contact Kara-(405) 833-4830 (cell), kara.falen@gmail.com  
While it is recommended that you contact Kara Falen first, if you need to get a hold of someone while on tour and can't get through to her, here are the cell phone numbers of the sponsors (just in case): Ann Hankins- 405-520-6937,  Jana and Ray Buchanan- 405-831-4285, Ron Leppke- 405-356-2941, Lanece Hayes- 580-350-0670

Hotel Information: 
Holiday Inn Coco Key
9103 E 39th ST
Kansas City, MO

Room 1
Casandra Munoz
Katie Vincent
Regan Abner

Adjoining with Room 3
Sponsor: Kara Falen
Room 2
Julia Hankins
Katie Buchanan
Kara Buchanan
Megan Kamm
Sponsor: Jana Buchanan, Ann Hankins
(2 adjoining rooms)
Room 3
Katie Feemster
Shay Sharp
Elise McGouran
Sponsor: Kara Falen
Room 4
Katie Leppke
Sophia Oliver
Jazlyn Harris
Darian Harris
Sponsor: Lanece Hays

Room 1
Phillip Oliver
Joseph Hiebert
Bryce Hayes
Sponsor: Ron Leppke
Room 2
Michael Mueller
Quentin Clark
James Clark
Sponsor: Ray Buchanan

Combined Rehearsal

Don't forget--This Tuesday from 10:00-10:30 is a combined rehearsal for EVERYONE!  This will be in addition to your regularly scheduled rehearsal time.  We will meet in the high school rehearsal area during this time.

T-Shirt Day

On Tuesday, be sure to wear your choir t-shirts and jeans.  We will be taking end-of-the-year pics for the website, convention board,  advertisements and other such picturesque features so be sure to look your best!  We are sure to see these pictures for a long time to come.

Music Deposit Refund

It's that time--time to make sure you have turned in all your music.  All music must be turned in by NEXT week in order for you to receive your $10 music deposit back on May 8th.  

Concert Reception

Consistent with years past we will once again be holding a reception following the Spring concert.  This is a fun time of fellowship and enjoyment before our long summer break.  Since we are having our concert this year at Springlake Metro Technology Center, they have offered to cater the reception for us for the very reasonable cost of $10 per family.  This is so exciting.  Just think...no baking, no set-up crew, no tear-down crew, no clean-up crew, no having to drop cookies off at a specific time or organizing those cookies on trays...just showing up and enjoying the concert.  That said, we do need the $10 reception fee next week since the concert is only two weeks away!  If you would like to use your music deposit refund in lieu of paying an additional $10 reception fee, just let Beth know at the information desk and she'll make it happen.  The reception will be immediately following the concert at the performance site and all in attendance will be invited.

Convention--May 4-5

Don't forget that we are going to strive to make our presence known this year at convention both with a booth and ensemble performances during Friday's lunch hour in the food court.  

We still have many spots available for parents to work the convention booth both on Friday and Saturday.  If you have not signed up for a time yet and are willing to work, please contact Nanette Mueller at 405-255-5491.  We need all the spaces filled by next rehearsal.  If you have not signed up yet the time is NOW.  Please don't wait any longer "to just see what is left."  We need some serious help. 

Remember, if you are not attending the conference, we will be glad to make arrangements to meet you at the door with a vendor pass.  As a thank you, you can even keep the pass for up to 30 minutes afterwards to browse the vendor booths before handing it off to the next booth worker.  If this is your plight please make sure to let Nanette know ASAP and provide a cell number so we may contact you  the day of, if need be.

To those that have already signed up--thank you so much for being willing to serve.  I don't know what we'd do without parents like you!


The Elementary, Middle School and High School Choirs have the opportunity to sing a few of their songs in the food court area over lunch at the convention on Friday.   Here are the current ensembles as signed up.  If your child has not signed up and would like to participate, by all means let them.  Just let us know ASAP so that we may be looking for them.  

11:20 a.m. to 11:40 a.m.   High School Ensemble 1:  Regan Abner, Katie Vincent, Macayla Warren, Holly Elliott, Megan Kamm, Joseph Hiebert, Phillip Oliver, Gideon Elliott, and James Clark

11:40 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Middle School Ensemble:  Grace Helton, Mary Beth Clark, Tristian Colbert, Rachel Scarberry, and Bailey Hanes

12:00 p.m. to 12:20 p.m.  Elementary Ensemble:  Adrianna Teel, Kami Oliphant, Emma Coleman, Amanda Pearl, Conner Coleman, Jaid Dunn, and Randi Laverty

12:20 p.m. to 12:40 p.m.  High School Ensemble 2:  Katie Vincent, Addi Oliphant, Julia Beth Hankins, Katie or Kara Buchanan, Joseph Hiebert, Phillip Over, Meiki Dunn,and Michael Muellar

This is our one opportunity to show the homeschool community what we are all about.  Let's make it a good one!  All ensemble participants will meet in the food court area approximately 5 minutes before their scheduled performance time.  All songs sung will be songs we've been rehearsing for the Spring concert.

Please check the registration table and sign up information below for more information.  

Concert Day Schedule

The Concert and Concert Day Rehearsal will be at Springlake Metro Technology Center.   We will be meeting and rehearsing in the downstairs area of the Business Conference Center (1900 Spring Lake Dr.).  When you walk into the business center, go DOWN the stairs at the back of the foyer.  Turn left and walk down the hallway.  The performance area will be at the end of the long hall.  For more information and directions please see their website.   

9:30-10:30 a.m.  Music Experience
9:00-11:00 a.m.  Elementary
10:00-11:30 a.m.  Middle School
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  High School
6:30 p.m.  Call Time
7:00 p.m. Concert 
8:30 p.m.  Reception