Friday, April 20, 2012

High School Tour Update

This week is it!  Choir Tour!  I know you all are super excited.  Looking at the updated itinerary makes me want to come along.  I'm especially excited about the New Theatre performance (love that venue) and the KCCK serve and sing.  Just a few side notes--Remember you represent something bigger than yourself on this trip.  You represent your parents, your family, Mrs. Falen, Oklahoma City Homeschool Choirs, and the home school community at large.  Please remember to give a positive representation of all you stand for in every circumstance.  I know you do this most of the time anyway, but I just want to remind you as you venture from home.  Second, when Mrs. Falen says dress modestly in the pool let me just make this black and white--that mean no bikini's or short tankini's.  If that is all you have, instead of buying something else just please be courteous and wear a shirt over it for the respect of all.  Also, please choose wisely your other attire so that it does not unintentionally draw attention where it should be drawn.  You know this, but again, this is just a friendly reminder.  I hope you guys have fun and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

Kathy Gossen

PS--If you have any questions the updated itinerary feel free to direct all questions towards  I know Mrs. Falen has worked really hard to get this tour lined up despite encountering many obstacles (including a contest cancellation, many many unreturning phone calls, performance cancellations and more).  We will be sure to send out a finalized schedule before the week's out.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Bella Voce Spring Tour
Kansas City

Thursday,  April 26
            9:30 AM- Leave Grace United Methodist Church
            12:30-1:30 PM- Lunch in Wichita, KS
            4:30 PM- Arrive at Holiday Inn Coco Key, Kansas City, MO
                 (Check in, unpack, rest, get ready for water park)
            5:30-9:00- Waterpark and dinner (on your own)
            9:00- Back to rooms
            10:00- Lights out

Friday, April 27
            8:00 AM- Breakfast
            9:00 AM to NOON- Prepare lunch at the Kansas City Community Kitchen
            12:00 PM- Perform for the guests at the KCCK (lunch with the guests)
            2-4 PM- Still undisclosed (not bc I don’t want you to know, but bc I’m still working on it.  Worst comes to worst this will be naptime at the hotel)
            4:00 PM- Back to hotel to rest/get ready for dinner theatre
            5:15 PM- Leave for New Theatre, Overland Park, KS (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee)
            9:00 PM- Back to hotel
            10:00 PM- Lights out
Saturday, April 28
            9:00 AM- Breakfast
            10:00 AM- Worlds of Fun (lunch on your own)
            5:00 PM- Leave Worlds of Fun for dinner
            7:00-9:00 PM- Waterpark
            9:00 PM- Back to rooms
            10:00 PM- Lights out

Sunday, April 29
            9:00 AM- Breakfast
            11:00 AM- Sing at a Church (Still working on this one too.  We will go to church, even if they won’t let us sing.)
            12:00 PM- Lunch
            1:00 PM- Leave for home
            4:00 PM- quick stop to eat, rest, stretch, etc
            7:30 PM- HOME!!!  Grace United Methodist Church

*We’re taking two 15 passenger vans.  Need one more driver…
*Bring Choir shirts and jeans for Friday. 
*Dressy clothes for Friday night & Sunday.
*There will be one adult sponsor in each room.
*You don’t need money for meals, but you might want to bring a little spending cash.
*Dress modestly at the waterpark.
Please call/e-mail me with questions.  Good ways to contact me-(405) 833-4830, 

Sponsors:  Ann Hankins, Jana and Ray Buchanan, Lanece Hayes, Ron Leppke