Friday, September 7, 2012

Regular Rehearsals Resume This Week

Drum roll please...we have a record breaking 92 students in choir this year!  We made it over 90!  Way to go!  This week we resume our regular weekly schedule.  Thanks for a fantastic retreat last Tuesday.

Program Sales

Program ad sales are in full swing.  The front inside cover is already sold and there is rumor that the back cover is about to go as well.  That said, remember--ads are sold on a first come first serve basis.  There will be a folder at the information table beginning this week for you to turn in your ad sells.  There will also be extra forms available for those having trouble downloading the forms via our website. This is a great fundraiser as you automatically earn 50% profit so get out there and sell!

T-Shirts 4 Sale

Beginning this week, parents may order extra choir t-shirts for the 2012-2013 school year.  All extra t-shirts sizes YS through AXL will be $10 each.  This sale will continue through September 25th.  Each student receives a t-shirt as a part of their membership dues.  Extra t-shirts are for parents and students who would like a spare.   Please order your shirts at the information table.

T-shirt Designs

We are already receiving t-shirt designs for this year's t-shirt.  That is so encouraging.  Keep them coming.  Just remember that all designs should be in black and white with "Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs" and "2012-2013" somewhere on the design.  Designs may be for the front and/or back.  All t-shirt designs are due on September 25th.  Please turn in your designs at the information table.


The first tuition payment was due last week. For those who did not pay, please pay ASAP. Remember that the handbook states: A $5 late fee will be added per week to each payment after the due date.  A singer will not be allowed to attend rehearsal after the fourth week of nonpayment.


This week's information table attendants*:
9 a.m.   Jenni S.
10:30 a.m.  Sammy H.

*Thanks for those of you who have signed up to help as information table attendants. If you have not had an opportunity to sign up for a day, the sign up sheet will remain at the information table each week. We still have plenty of spots to fill so I hope you will take time to add your name to the list. Remember parents, this is for the safety of your children. Information table attendants sit at the information table, ensure quiet use of the student/parent lounge, prompt attendance to rehearsals, and monitor bathroom use. Attendants are free to bring something to do such as a book to read while monitoring.