Thursday, November 1, 2012

Solo and Ensemble Invitational

Plans for next Spring's Solo and Ensemble Invitational are in full swing.  Invitations have been sent, advertisements have been placed, and now we need your help.  We have tried to reach each and every studio and private school within our grasp, but we know we have left people out.

 How can you help?

Below in the link to the Solo and Ensemble Information and Entry Form.  Please share this form with everyone you know who may be interested...friends, your co-op, your private studio teacher, your neighbor who attends a private school.  Anyone whom you think would benefit from this event.  Participation in this event is vital for its future success.  And with your help, we can continue to get the word out there.   

Solo and Ensemble Information and Entry Form

But please share NOW.  Most teachers are already planning for the spring.  December becomes filled with Christmas concerts and end of the year deadlines so this is the perfect time to share about this event.   Can you make it your goal to share this flyer with at least two people or groups before Thanksgiving?  Three?  Five?  If they hear it from more than one person all the better because they will know we are super excited about it.

We have some amazing judges coming, most are college professors coming from some prestigious colleges all across Oklahoma who want to see what the private sector has to offer.  With your help, we can show them just that!  So get out there and share!