Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weekly Choir News

Subscribing to the E-mails

I have been receiving several comments this week about not receiving these weekly choir news emails.  If this is the case with you, please review the following checklist to be sure you have subscribed.  As our handbook states:

"All member news is filtered through the COHC website. Each member family is responsible for subscribing to the member news via one or more of the forms provided on the website (Facebook, Email, RSS Feed, or Twitter). If you are unable to receive updates via the website, it is your responsibility to make appropriate provision to receive such announcements. Weekly news updates will be provided via this website feed. This is COHC’s primary form of communication. Since member families will be responsible for all information sent via the website feed, subscription to the feed is expected before the first rehearsal. The website is: http://centralokhomeschoolchoirs.com"

Subscription Checklist:
  1. Have you clicked the purple e-mail icon on our website to subscribe to the weekly choir news?
  2. If you clicked the purple e-mail icon, did you enter your email address and select "complete subscription request?"
  3. Did you confirm your subscription request when the confirmation email was sent to your inbox?
  4. Have you checked your spam folder to make sure the emails are not accidentally being sent there?
If you have done all of the above and are still not receiving them, please contact Kathy Gossen at admin@centralokhomeschoolchoirs.com so that she can try to rectify the situation.  Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to sign up for these updates.  You are not automatically subscribed just because you are a choir member.

Music Check-in This Week

Tuesday is your last chance to turn in your Christmas music. Please be prepared to turn in any Christmas music you have checked out from COHC by erasing any pencil markings you may have added. Remember, any non-returned music at the end of the semester will result in a fine equal to the amount of the music.

Tuition Due Tuesday

Just a friendly reminder--Due to the fact that we did not have tuition due in August (unlike in years past) we do have tuition due on December 4th. Remember, singers with outstanding dues at the time of a performance or tour will NOT be allowed to participate. If you have any questions concerning your current COHC accounts, please feel free to contact our treasurer, Ann Hankins, at ahankins@centralokhomeschoolchoirs.com.


Just in case you were wondering, the choir t-shirts should be in on Tuesday.  Please be prepared to take these home at that time.  Illuminati and Bella Voce, you will need to wear these for your One Day Tour on Thursday.  All choirs--please feel free to wear your t-shirts Friday morning (12/7) to our final Christmas rehearsal.

Important Information About Next Week

Although I've shared information about next week's events here and here and here, HERE is a final friendly reminder just in case you've missed any one of those announcements.  We've got a lot going on this next week and we don't want anyone to miss out!

Tuesday--Rehearsals  like normal including a CTSWS rehearsal
Thursday--Edmond One Day Tour for Bella Voce and Illuminati Only
Friday--Final Rehearsal and Christmas Concert

One Day Tour Details

On Thursday, December 6th, Bella Voce and Illuminati will be having their One Day Tour in Edmond. 

Uniform Attire
 T-shirts (which you will receive on Tuesday!) and jeans

The Schedule
9:00 a.m. Bella Voce meet at First Christian Church

First Christian Church of Edmond Day Care Center
206 E. 1st Street, Edmond

*Bella Voce, please meet outside the north doors at 9:00 a.m. to prepare for this short mini-concert.

9:15 a.m. Bella Voce First Christian Church Day Care Performance

9:45 a.m. Illuminati and Bella Voce meet at the Edmond Library. 

Edmond Library
10 S. Boulevard, Edmond

*Illuminati will join Bella Voce for this performance. Also, this performance is a public performance making it a great opportunity to invite friends or co-ops to come listen. It will be very short and informal--a great introduction for anyone interested in joining choir second semester. Choir members will need to be here by 9:45 a.m. The concert begins at 10:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m. Edmond Library Performance

10:45 a.m. Walk to UCO Music Building

11:30 a.m. Attend UCO Choir Performance, eat lunch on campus, and take a campus tour

1:45 p.m. Parent Pick-up in parking lot located at the corner of College Ave. and Main St. on
UCO campus.

Due to the fact that each of these locations are within one block of each other we will be walking to each destination. Please make sure to dress appropriately. 

Christmas Concert Details

Friday, December 7th is our All-Choirs Christmas Concert at the Springlake Metro Technology Business Conference Center. Here is the schedule for the day:

Formal attire.

Uniform reminders:
Music Experience and Principio--Girls should wear black tights and closed toed shoes with their uniform.  
Illuminati and Bella Voce--Ladies dresses should fall to within 1" from the ground with shoes on.
Gentlemen:  Don't forget your black shoes and you should be good. 

The Schedule9:00-10:30 a.m. Principio
9:30-10:30 a.m. Music Experience
10:00-11:00 a.m. Illuminati
10:00-11:30 a.m. Bella Voce

6:30 p.m. Call Time (come dressed)
7:00 p.m. Concert*

*Following the concert all choir members are invited to socialize at the iHop on Memorial Road between Penn and May.
Parent Volunteers Needed

As the semester draws to a close we have several one-time volunteer opportunities that need your help. If you are interested in helping in one or more of these areas, please contact me ASAP at admin@centralokhomeschoolchoirs.com.
One Day Tour Chaperone
Concert Choir Coordinator--assist with a choir during the Christmas concert

Bella Voce Tour Update

We are very excited about Bella Voce's tour this year. They are going to get to do some amazing things in Nashville including the making of a recording in a Nashville studio, participating in a national choir competition, and staying at the Opry Hotel! It is definitely going to be a fun trip.

Due to a change in deadlines as provided by our tour company, however, we do need to change some tour deposit dates from those previously published in your Member Handbook. We apologize for any inconvenience, but hopefully with this advance warning you will have time to adjust your savings accordingly.

Here is the final tour deposit schedule and cost:
Jan. 8--Deposit #1 ($250)
Feb. 5--Deposit #2 ($250)
Mar. 5--Deposit #3 ($250)
Total cost of tour: $750 

Note: If you would like to pay the cost of the tour in it's entirety on January 8th, you may do so for a $25 discount. Thus, the one-type payment plan for tour would be $725 due on January 8th.

Just as a reminder, here is an excerpt from our Member Handbook concerning tour. If you would like to attend as a sponsor, your tour costs and deadlines will be the same as those of the students. Once the initial deadline is met we will be in contact with you concerning the application and background check.

Excerpt from Our Member Handbook
Bella Voce and Illuminati members will have the opportunity to attend an annual tour. All tour costs are in addition to tuition. Tour costs are non-refundable.

Parents interested in chaperoning will need to fill out an application and complete a background check. All chaperones must be a guardian of a participating member and at least 21 years of age. Chaperone fees will be the same as the student’s fees. Chaperones must travel and stay with the students at all times. Parents wanting to drive their own vehicle and follow behind the group, are free to do so at their own expense but will not be considered as a group chaperone. It should also be noted that students will NOT be allowed to travel in parent vehicles at any time while on tour except in the case of an emergency.

In order for a group to participate in a day tour there will need to be an adult to student ratio of 1:6. In order for a group to participate in an overnight tour, there will need to be an adult to student ratio of 1:4 or one adult per room. In the event that this ratio cannot be achieved, the tour will be cancelled and refunds will be given according to the the reimbursement plan as described below.

In the most severe discipline cases, the director may send a singer home before the completion of the tour at the parent’s/guardian’s expense.

No singer may leave the tour group, even with his or her parent, without prior written approval.

While tours are optional, each member is highly encouraged to participate as the success of the choirs are a team effort. Once committed (once the initial tour deposit has been paid), all who have signed up are expected to participate pending an immediate death in the family or sickness as the choir will be counting on each participant’s involvement to make the trip a success. This includes sponsors and members.
This Week's Information Table Attendants

Tuesday 12/4 @ Grace United Methodist Church
9:00 a.m. Nancy L.
10:30 a.m. Karen H.

Friday 12/7 @ Springlake Metro Technology Center
9:00 a.m. Trudie M.
10:30 a.m. Karen H.