Wednesday, December 5, 2012

End of the Semester Choir News

We made it!  

Just a reminder, if you need information about this Thursday and/or Friday's events, please check out my previous post with all the details here.

Special Election

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be holding a special election on Friday during the concert for an open seat on the board.  The position will be effective January 29, 2013.  Currently we have two nominations for this vacancy.  You will see a short bio of each below.  Please review their information and the requirements of the members of the board in the member handbook so that you may be able to provide an informed vote on Friday night.

Jean Munoz--Jean and her family have lived in the Oklahoma City area for 16 years and currently resides in Norman.  She and her husband have homeschooled their four children for the last 17 years.  Their daughters have been in choir for 6 years.  Jean is excited to be a part of the board because she loves the choir, helping children, and singing.

Betty Bodman--Betty Bodman has been married to Philip for 32 years.  She is the Mother of eight and Grand-mother to six and has been gratefully home-educating her children for 22 years.  The Bodman's moved to NorthWest OKC from Dallas, Tx  in 2008 and this is Theresa and Troy's third year with the choir.  Betty is interested in serving on the COHC Board to support the great good that is being achieved, both for the students and in representing home education to the community.

Music Returns

Thank you to all who have turned in their music for this semester.   We are only out a few pieces.  Remember, you must turn in your music or pay the cost of the music to go on tour or perform in the Spring.  Following Friday any unreturned Christmas music will be billed to the appropriate accounts.

Black Tights

The question has been asked by several veteran families of elementary students, "Black tights or white?"  The answer:  Black tights.  I know.  It's different.  Without going into a lot of explanation, there is a reason for the madness.  We just thank you for making the change.  ;)

January...Start Recruiting Now!

Following the concert we will have the remainder of December off.  We look forward to resuming rehearsals  on January 8th.  Speaking of January, this is a GREAT time to gather new recruits.  In fact, there will be an open registration for new students to join the choirs from January 8 through the 22.  We'd love to see the choirs grow to over 100.  As such, begin recruiting your friends now.  Invite them to the concert.  Send out an invite to your area co-op.  Tell your friends what you enjoy most about the choirs.   Every student who recruits a new choir member (for any choir) will have the opportunity to enter their name into a $30 iTunes gift card drawing.  So get out there and bring them in!  We'll see you in January!