Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tidings Voice Parts and Other Joint Piece Info for Concert

For those of you participating in the joint choir pieces at the Christmas concert (Principio, Illuminati, and Bella Voce), these vocal parts are for you.  I realize Bella Voce that you have already received a copy of these parts so consider this an extra blessing.  For the rest of you, Mrs. Lopez has graciously recorded each part for Tidings of Great Joy.  Please listen to your part a minimum 10x before our next rehearsal and we will give it a go next week.  I know you can do it.

Part Guide
Bella Voce--Sing the parts as you have been assigned
Principio Sopranos--Sing the Soprano 2 part
Principio Altos--Sing the Alto part
Illuminati Sopranos--Sing the Tenor line in your register (aka the register that Mrs. Lopez sings it in)
Illuminati Altos--Sing the Bass line in your register (aka the register that Mrs. Lopez sings it in)

To save the mp3 to your computer, click the link for your part.  When the internet media player opens, right click the media player and select "save video as".  Yes, I know it's not a video.  Yes, it will save it as an m4a.  Just trust me on this.  It sounds weird but it works.  ;)  And, if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Soprano 1
Soprano 2

As far as We Shall Behold Him, due to the fact that the Homeschool Bands has accepted our invitation to join us at the Christmas concert (yeah!), we will hold off doing this song at the Christmas concert and save it for the Spring.  That said, we will be learning another new piece before the year is out to sing with them but I think it will be much easier to put together and one you may partially already know.  See you Tuesday.