Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the Year Choir News

Rehearsals Resume Next Week!

I hope you have had a wonderful break and are looking forward to coming back NEXT WEEK!  We've got a lot in store in the next few months...Solo and Ensemble Contest...the Choral Fest...Tour...and more. We will have a lot of new music to learn and probably some slightly altered schedules as we prepare both small and large ensembles for the events to come (be on the lookout for more about this soon).

Spring Enrollment is Open

Just a reminder, enrollment is open for the Spring semester through the 21st.  If you know of someone who would like to join the choirs now is the time!  The easiest way for them to get started is by signing up on our website.

Bravo! Auditions on Tuesday

For those of you who are interested in being in Bravo! this spring semester and are female, we will be holding auditions on Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the high school choir room.  The group has opted to perform at several local venues this next semester instead of taking a trip to Branson as previously thought.  As such, we would like to open up the group to any new recruits for the semester.  The cost for the group is $35 per month and the group meets from 12:15 to 1:00 p.m.  The audition for Bravo! will consist of a choreography audition (the same as last fall); you can also find all the information about the audition on the enrollment page.  There is no need to sign up for an audition time.  All those interested in Bravo! will perform the choreography as a group at 10 a.m. on January 7th.  Those who come prepared should expect to make the group and should plan on staying for the first rehearsal of the new semester at 12:15 p.m.

Choral Fest 2014

Start making plans now to attend the Choral Fest on March 8, 2014.  While the Choral Experience portion is optional for all Principio, Illuminati, and Bella Voce students (the Solo and Ensemble portion is expected for all Illuminati and Bella Voce students), it is highly encouraged as where else will you be able to sing under a nationally known clinician with students from all around the state?  It's a very special opportunity that I want everyone to experience if they are able.  You can read all the details about the day on our website and if you would like to register for the event you may go ahead and start doing so today.  Just keep in mind that the cost for the Choral Experience for all COHC members is $55 instead of the $65 for other participants.  So, instead of paying via the traditional link on the Choral Fest page, you may do so in person with Trudi Melson or via the link below.  Deadline for registration and payment is January 10, 2014.

COHC Student Registration for the 2014 Choral Experience

Student's Name:
By the way, start spreading the word.  Share with your Co-ops, your friends, and anyone you know who homeschool's across the state.  This is a great opportunity for those who would like to be in a choir and can't for one reason or another and it is also great for a music credit for high school students as they will be learning music and performing a concert similar to a semester credit for high school.

Solo and Ensemble Contest

On the same day as the Choral Experience our students will be participating in the Solo and Ensemble Contest portion taking place during the early afternoon of March 8, 2014.  As mentioned in our handbook, all Illuminati and Bella Voce students are expected to participate in the contest in an ensemble which will be assigned by Mrs. Lopez or Mrs. Gossen.  Cost for ensemble participation should be no more than $5 and will be billed to you once the ensembles have been assigned.  Expect to pay these ensemble fees with your February tuition payment.  

If a student would like to participate as a soloist or in another ensemble (not associated with the choirs), they may do so on their own by signing up via the Choral Fest page although the deadline for this as with the Choral Experience is January 10, 2014.  That said, it is HIGHLY encouraged that students only sign up to participate as a soloist if they are taking private vocal instruction as Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Gossen will not be able to assist as vocal coaches this year.  All soloists will be responsible for providing their own accompanist although I imagine if you were to contact Julie Clifford in person, I'm sure she'd be interested in helping that regard should you ask.  However be sure to ask her her going rate for accompanying a solo as her fee will not be covered by the choirs.  If you need help finding a vocal coach I encourage you to begin by looking on our website or talking with one of us in person.  

Our New Concert Date

Just a reminder, our Christmas concert will now be on January 21st.  Please mark your calendars now.  This will be for all first semester members only.  You can read more information about the day here.

Bravo! Saturday Choreography Rehearsal

The Shriver's family church has graciously offered to host our Saturday, January 25th choreography rehearsal.  Make plans now to attend as we will be learning a good chunk of the rest of the music for the year.  The rehearsal will take place from 1 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 25th at Williams Church of the Nazarene at 6900 NW 50th St.  More information will be coming soon.  

That's it!  See you Tuesday!