Thursday, January 23, 2014

Choral Fest Information (for all participants AND Illuminati AND Bella Voce)

The  following letter was sent out to all Choral Fest Solo and Ensemble participants today.  Since this information also applies to Illuminati and Bella Voce students I am including a copy of it here.  Your exact warm-up time will be determined by your director but this will at least give you a time to begin planning your day on March 8th.

If you are also participating in the Choral Experience portion of the Choral Fest, a separate email has also been sent out for it including all rehearsal tracks, music, and forms necessary.  If you registered for the Choral Fest and did not receive this email personally, please contact me ASAP so that you can begin preparing for this special day!  Thanks!
Dear Choir Fest Choral Solo and Ensemble Participant,

We are so looking forward to having you participate in the 2014 Choral Fest on Saturday March 8, 2014 at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City!  Below is everything you need to get started preparing for this exciting day.


Quail Springs Baptist Church* 
14613 N. May Ave.Oklahoma City, OK 73134(please enter via north covered entrance)  
*This is very near Quail Springs Mall and the surrounding shopping area providing plenty of opportunities for fine dining and fun shopping for lunch as well.

 What to Bring

·         1 original copy of your music with the measures numbered for your judge and 1 copy of the music for your accompanist (if they don’t have it already)
·         Please dress in your Sunday best.  If you are also participating in the Choral Experience feel free to bring a change of clothes for this event.
·         Bottle of water, if needed

What Will Be Provided

·         A piano

What NOT to Bring

·         Cell Phones (if you do bring one, please turn them off during your performance not just on silent)
·         A recorded accompaniment for your performance (all accompaniments should be with piano)
·         Gum
·         Valuables of any kind

Warm-up Areas

Three warm-up rooms will be available for your use.  You can find them in rooms B110, B111, and B114.  There will be attendants on hand to help you find these rooms as needed.  Please allow yourself plenty of time to warm-up and get to your performance room at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time.  Also, please note that warm-up rooms are not hangout rooms.  Once you are warmed up please feel free to move to the lobby area until your scheduled performance time.  Thank you! 

Performance Locations

We have tried to accommodate those participating in the Choral Experience as well as those in multiple ensembles and those with the same accompanist.  Should you see a conflict that I missed please let me know and we will try to adjust accordingly.  If not, here are the times as assigned.  Please arrive outside your performance room 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  Thank you!

Room 1 (The Commons)

Judge:  Rebekah Ambrosini

12:35 p.m.       Tina Johnson
12:45 p.m.       Julia Beth Hankins
12:55 p.m.       Bella Voce Treble Ensemble
1:05 p.m.         Kailey King
1:15 p.m.         Kennedy Franklin 
1:25 p.m.         Bella Voce Mixed Ensemble 
1:35 p.m.         Denise Nunn 
1:45 p.m.         Bravo!

Room 2 (E111) 
Judge:  Dr. Bonnie Borshay Sneed 
12:30 p.m.       Emily Liles 
12:40 p.m.       Brandy Ecton 
12:50 p.m.       The Bender Siblings 
1:00 p.m.         Illuminati Treble Ensemble 
1:10 p.m.         Illuminati Treble Ensemble 
1:20 p.m.         McKenna Haxton 
1:30 p.m.         Randi Laverty 
1:40 p.m.         Anna Finch

 Check-In and Check-Out

Please check in and out via the Green Room (Parlor) to receive your adjudication sheet and any ribbons acquired.  If you are in an ensemble, only one member or the director of the group needs to check in and out.  If you are a COHC student, you will receive any ensemble ribbons earned at your next rehearsal.

 When you arrive, please look for signs providing directions to specific rooms.  If you have any other inquiries about the Choral Fest, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Otherwise we will see you March 8th at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.  See you there! 

Kathy Gossen, 
Executive Director