Monday, January 13, 2014

Choral Fest Registration--Have you Registered Yet?

Registration for the 2014 Oklahoma Choral Fest is about to come to a close.  Have you registered yet?  We need a minimum of 45 participants to make this event fly and we are little more than halfway there.  As such, I have been spending the day sharing the following email with many of our Oklahoma co-ops and organizations.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in this event and/or if you haven't registered your child yet, I highly encourage you do share this email and/or enroll today!  Trust me, it will totally be worth it!  Members of COHC can register here.

What songs will we be singing?  Some of the best choral literature around:

  • Belle of Belfast arr. by Judith Herrington
  • Festival Gloria by Patti Drennan
  • Hebu Mandari by John Parker
  • I Hear America Singing by Andre Thomas
  • Inscription of Hope by Z. Randall Stroope
  • Nebuchadnezzar's Lament by Patti Drennan
  • Zion's Walls arr. by Mark Hayes
Look those up on YouTube and you will see they are some amazing pieces and since you will get to perform them under the direction of Patti Drennan and with students from all over the state of Oklahoma it will totally be an event you won't want to miss.

Dear Oklahoma Homeschool Co-op and Group Leaders, 

This year something new and exciting is coming to Oklahoma for Homeschoolers.  It is the 2014 Choral Fest sponsored by Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs.  We are bringing in nationally known clinician and composer Patti Drennan to spend a day with Oklahoma homeschoolers as we sing quality choral literature and perform them in a special festival concert.  ALL Oklahoma homeschool students (ages 8 and up) are invited to attend whether they have had any experience in music or not.  It's a great way to have an excellent large group choral experience in one day.  For those in high school, they could easily consider it as a semester music credit because they will be learning and performing 7 quality choral pieces.  Others may just enjoy the opportunity to sing with the group because they do not have that opportunity where they live.  For whatever the reason, we'd like to invite your students to participate in this special one day event that will be held on March 8, 2014.  The cost of the event for students is $65 and includes music, rehearsal tracks, and a t-shirt as well as the event.  You can learn more about the event and/or register via our website.  We've extended the registration deadline one week (to January 22nd) because we want so badly to have as many Oklahoma homeschoolers participate as possible.  We would love your help to share with your area homeschool families and get the word out.    You might also want to let your families know that we will be looking at the areas with the most participation for our possible expansion to new locations in 2014-2015.  Who knows...the Oklahoma Homeschool Choir program could be coming to your area next year.  Thanks for all you do to reach out to area homeschoolers.  Your cooperation in spreading this news is much appreciated.