Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Choir News from 3/25

Monthly Tuition and All Final Dues Due Next Week

Trudi Melson will be sending out a detailed account statement by Saturday to every family to the e-mail they registered with at the beginning of the year.  Please review this email and feel free to contact Trudi Melson (tmelson@centralokhomeschoolchoirs.com) prior to next Tuesday if you have any questions.

Next Tuesday our last tuition of the year is due (yeah!) as well as the $65 registration fee for ALL Bella Voce and Illuminati students participating in the Heartland Festival and the $10 for Heartland Festival Sponsors.

Only Two More Rehearsals Until the Heartland Festival

For those in Illuminati, Bella Voce, and Bravo!, this Spring's large group choral contest will be the Heartland Festival held on Saturday, April 12th. The cost is $65 per student and is due on Tuesday, April 1st (except for Bravo! students whose payment is covered via their monthly tuition). All students are expected to attend this local contest. Buses will be provided for transportation and cost will include contest fees, lunch, and an afternoon at Frontier City. I am still in need of 2 high school and 1 middle school sponsor for this trip so if you would like to attend as a sponsor, please let me know ASAP. The cost for the sponsors will be $10 and will be do on April 1st with the student's tuition.

The Heartland Fest Schedule
All students should meet at Putnam City North High School (Enter via the NORTH band entrance)

9:20 a.m. Bravo! arrives Bravo! Uniform
9:40 a.m.   Bravo! Warmup
10:00 a.m. Bravo! Perform
Bella Voce arrives in choir shirts and jeans (feel free to come earlier to
watch Bravo! perform)
10:10 a.m.   Bravo! changes into choir shirts and jeans
10:20 a.m.   Bella Voce Warm Up
10:40 a.m. Bella Voce Perform
Illuminati arrives in choir shirts and jeans (feel free to come earlier to
watch Bravo! perform)
11:00 a.m. Illuminati Warm Up
11:20 a.m. Illuminati Perform
11:45 a.m. Load buses and head to lunch
12:00 p.m. Lunch at Mazzio's Pizza on Rockwell (buffet)
12:45 p.m. Load buses and travel to Frontier City
1:00 p.m. Fun at Frontier City (in parent sponsored groups)
5:00 p.m.        Awards Ceremony at the Crack Axle Canyon Gunfight Stage (in Frontier City)
5:45 p.m.        Parent pick up at Frontier City main entrance.
Contest Location
Putnam City North High School
11800 N. Rockwell
Oklahoma City, OK 73162
Blue jeans and choir t-shirts.  NO formal attire.  We will not be changing before going to Frontier City so make sure to wear comfortable shoes too!  Students will be expected to wear their choir shirts and jeans at Frontier City.  If the weather permit, students may change at the restaurant into shorts for Frontier City as long as the length comes below their fingertips when arms are fully extended to their sides.

Heartland Fest Groups

Currently, here are the following student groups as signed up today.  Am I missing someone?  Feel free to email me (admin@centralokhomeschoolchoirs.com) or let me know next week.  Also, this is not a final list.  A few groups may be adjusted based upon sponsors available.

High School Check-In Sponsors:  ________ and _________

Group 1
Katie F.
Regan A.
Elise M.
Carissa M.
Jessica H.

Group 2
Brandy E.
Joanna C.
Grace H.
Emily L.
Kailee K.

Group 3
Julia H.
Molly C.
Sussanah C.
Megan K.
Rachel S.

Group 4
Jonathan D.
Grayson A.
Caleb C.
Joey N.
Geoff L.

Group 5
Diana C. (sponsor)
Emily H.
Suzanna C.
Elena M.
Lauren L.

Group 6
Cara S. (sponsor)
Abby S.
McKenna H.
Mary Beth C.
Chloe W.
Scarlette P.

Group 7
Robynn C. and Trudi M. (sponsors)
Kaedynn C.
Avery H.
Olivia M.
Eden S.
Kyla M.
Hannah K.
Alison R.

Group 8
Garrett F.
Jonathan C.
Jesse C.

Convention Help Needed

It's that time--Convention will be here before you know and this is our BIG time to shine and let others know how amazing COHC is!  As of right now we have many volunteer openings for serving at the Convention booth this year.  What does a volunteer do at the convention?  

  • Sit at the booth.  
  • Drink and eat free snacks provided by the vendor snack cart.
  • Hand out information to passers-by who are interested in learning more about the choirs
  • Share with interested families why you like the choirs
  • That's it!  
You will receive a badge to wear while manning the booth so you look official.  Most of the time the door attendants will let you walk in without a badge if you tell them you are with a booth.  If not, you can call me on my cell phone number and a badge will be rushed out to you.  

How do you sign up to help?
Thanks for serving the choirs in this way!  It makes a HUGE difference!