Friday, March 28, 2014

It's official! We are Non-Profit!

It's official!  Our non-profit paperwork finally made it through Washington!  What does that mean for us?  Well it means we can now except tax-deductible donations, tax-deductable company matches, and tax-deductible grants.

I'm very excited about this for the choirs because we will now hopefully receive the support we need to expand the choirs and provide more services like the Choral Fest to the homeschool community.  But we will also hopefully be able to eventually lower the cost of tuition or uniforms which will be an added benefit to everyone involved!  It won't happen right away I am sure but down the road it is a definite possibility!

Want to donate to the choirs or have your company give a tax-deductable gift?   

Please write a check to COHC with the words "donation" in the memo section and Trudi Melson will send you a donation letter of receipt for your tax records.  Also, if you are applying to have your company donate or make a financial match, you can see the official letter here with all our vitals that you might need to fill out such an application.

Know of a company that offers grants to non-profits like us?

Email me or one of the board members.  This may be just the lead we are looking for!

This has been a looooong two year process but it is finally complete and we are so excited as to where that will take the choirs from here.  Let's celebrate and I'll see you on Tuesday!