Thursday, June 12, 2014

5 Ways to Save Money with COHC This Year

1.  EPIC

Are you or someone you know enrolled in EPIC Virtual Schools?  If so, did you know EPIC provides a learning fund for it's students to use for curriculum as well as extracurricular activities?  And, did you know that COHC qualifies as one of those extracurricular activities?  Thus if you are an EPIC student you could participate in COHC for little to no cost to your family.  Check out EPIC's website or contact EPIC for more information.

2.  The Grandma Fund

Okay, there really is no Grandma Fund but there could be something like it in your family should your family choose to do so.  Did you know that someone can give a tax-deductable donation to the choir apart from your immediate family designated specifically for your child that can be used for your child's tuition, uniform, or other costs?  While direct payments for family services such as tuition, uniform, and tour dues cannot be tax deductible if paid by a child or parent, if someone outside the immediate family donates to the choir they can specify that the donation be used for your student for anything!  Talk about win-win.  They get a tax-deduction and you get extra money applied toward your COHC account!

3.  Pay Your First Month's Payment (aka the Registration Fee) by July 31st

By paying early you automatically save $10 off your first semester.

4.  Pay for the Entire Semester at the First Rehearsal

While I know this isn't for everyone, by paying for the semester you save another $10-20 per family over the course of a semester.

5.  Buy a Used Uniform

Some members will have old uniforms to sale that don't fit anymore.  Buy one of these uniforms instead of buying a new one and you will save approximately $40!