Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Can You Help?

We are getting all geared up for the first few rehearsals and need your help manning the halls/family lounge room.  Can you help as a monitor during one of your child's rehearsals during the second and/or third weeks of rehearsal?  After that time we will be setting up a volunteer sign-up sheet at each site but having your help these first few weeks will ensure that we get started on the right foot.

What do you have to do?

  • Make sure there is no unnecessary loitering in the halls and that the students get to rehearsals on time.
  • Maintain a somewhat quiet atmosphere in the family lounge for those desiring to study.  
  • Guide new students to the appropriate rehearsal areas.
  • Divert guests who are not with the choirs to the church offices.
That's it!  To sign up, go here and select which time/location would work best for you.  You will notice that I've already added the Choral Fest Volunteer Schedule and 2015 Convention list too so if that also peeks your interests, feel free to get a head start on those volunteer lists.  However, the main thing we are needing help with right now are the first few rehearsals.  Thanks for helping the choir in this way!

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