Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Week News--Uniform Information!

Current Enrollment

It was soo much fun seeing all of you in rehearsals this week.  Numbers have been shooting through the roof.  Exactly how many students do we have involved in choir this year?  Well to give you a train of reference, we began the year last year at one location with 89 students.  Now at three locations we have over 150 students!  That's phenomenal!

That said, enrollment is still open for two more weeks so spread the word.  Students can still join the choirs through the first rehearsal in September.

Extra T-Shirt and Hoodie Orders

This week during rehearsal you may have picked up an "EXTRA SHIRTS ORDER FORM" at the information table.  This order form is for EXTRA shirts and hoodies only.  Each student will get one t-shirt with their membership.  If you would like to order extra shirts for your family or hoodies, please fill out one form per family and mail the form and your payment to the address at the bottom of the form.  On the choir location if you could put both the choir and location that would be helpful too (i.e. "OKC Bella Voce or Edmond Illuminati).  All extra shirt and hoodie orders must be received by September 3rd.

Didn't pick up a shirt order form?  You can always pick one up this week.  You still have plenty of time!

Uniform Information

Taken Directly from our Member Handbook that you can read in it's entirety here

Our choir has a reputation of looking very professional. In order for us to look this way, we must all wear the same attire. All uniforms must be wrinkle-free and in tip-top condition for ALL performances. Students wearing dirty or wrinkled uniforms, as well as incomplete uniforms (missing tie, wrong shoes, etc.), will not be allowed to perform.

Illuminati and Bella Voce Men’s Uniform--$55
Illuminati and Bella Voce Women’s Uniform--$70
Illuminati and Bella Voce Used Uniform--$35 (as available)
Music Experience and Principio--Students are responsible for providing their own attire.

Informal Attire
Choir t-shirt and dark blue jeans or long jean skirt that comes to the ankles (no holes).  During performances the shirt should be tucked in.  Informal attire will be worn during tours, t-shirt days, and other special events.

Formal Attire
Bella Voce and Illuminati men:  Black pants, white long-sleeved collared shirt and tie (all ordered through the choir) with black belt, socks, and shoes.

Bella Voce and Illuminati women:  Formal black dress (ordered through the choir) with black hose and black closed-toed shoes.

Music Experience and Principio boys:  Black pants and white long-sleeved collared dress shirt with black belt, socks, and shoes (all self-acquired)

Music Experience and Principio girls:  Black pants or skirt (knee-length or below) and white long-sleeved collared dress shirt with black tights and black shoes (self-acquired).  

Formal attire will be worn at all COHC concerts and on other special occasions.

Music Experience and Principio

As explained above, you will be on your own to obtain your uniforms for the Christmas concert (on December 12th).  I have been given the recommendation that Walmart is a great place to look for the boys, but this top and this bottom should give you an idea of what we are looking for.  

For the girls, you are welcome to look elsewhere, but this black skirt and this white shirt is about the best option I've found for my own daughter. 

Again, you are not obligated to purchase an outfit from Land's End; this is just one possibility.  You are welcome to purchase your child's uniform elsewhere or use what you have in your closet!  We just want to make sure that the shirts are long sleeve collared DRESS shirts (not polo) and that the girls' skirts come to their knees for the sake of modesty.

Illuminati and Bella Voce

As explained above, we will be ordering your uniform.  As such, uniform sizing day is September 2nd and 3rd at each location during your regular rehearsal times.  Lynda Nedrow will be coming to each site to size students and sell used uniforms.  She will be in Norman and OKC from 10 to 11:15 a.m. and in Edmond from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.  Parents are more than welcome to sit in on the sizing of your uniform.  

Makeup Uniform Day

Should you be absent from choir during the September 2nd/3rd rehearsal Lynda Nedrow will be offering a makeup sizing opportunity on Saturday, September 13.  Please call her at 405-630-7691 to arrange a time to be sized for your uniform.

Veterans Desiring to Resale Your Used Uniform

Edmond Location
Bring your used uniform NEXT WEEK (August 26th and 27th) with THIS FORM attached with a safety pin, and give it to Lynda Nedrow.  She will then be able to try selling your used uniform at each of the locations NEXT WEEK.

Oklahoma City Location
Bring your used uniform to the SEPTEMBER 2 rehearsal with THIS FORM attached with a safety pin.  Lynda Nedrow will then be able to try selling your used uniform at each location THAT WEEK.

If any uniforms remain unsold, you may pick them up at Lynda Nedrow's House (3801 E. 32nd St., Edmond; to arrange a time call: 405-630-7691).  If your uniform is sold, your check will be mailed to you to the address provided on the used uniform FORM.