Monday, August 25, 2014

Payment Information 101

There have been several questions asked in regards to payment information this week so I thought I'd take some time out to further explain as Trudie nor I will be at each location on a regular basis this semester.  Consider this Payment Information 101.

I changed my mind and want to pay by the semester instead of by the month.  Can I still do that?

Yes.  You can still pay for the semester thru September 3rd.  At that time, the semester option will be removed from the website, and you will be expected to pay on a monthly basis. Just be sure to subtract any payments you have made from the total semester payment to come up with your new total.  For example...

John Doe registered early.  His mom paid the $30 early-bird registration fee.  They've since decided to pay for the semester in full.  As such she will pay the following to complete her son's semester tuition:

$150 (one student semester tuition)
-$10 early bird discount
-$30 registration fee
$110 what John Doe's mom will pay for the remainder of the semester

Can I pay for the full year?

Yes you can.  The total for the year will be equal to two semester payments.  Again this option will go away after September 3rd.

By when do I need to pay?

If you are desiring to pay by the semester you will need to pay the semester tuition by September 3rd.  If you are following the monthly payment plan, payments are due by the first Friday of the month.

Uniform payments for all Illuminati and Bella Voce students ordering new uniforms will be due on October 1st.

How to pay online with PayPal:

  1. Go to our website and under the Member Corner select "Make a Payment."
  2. Scroll down and select the payment option you desire.  If you have already paid a partial payment towards something, scroll down and select "donate" so that you can type in what you are paying manually.
  3. Make sure you type in FOR WHOM the payment is for in the notes box.  If you miss this step for any reason, be sure to email Trudie ASAP so she knows what/whom the payment is for when it comes through.  

Can I pay for our extra t-shirt/hoodie order online?

You can using the donate button for this, but please email Trudie Melson at the same time you send in your payment so she knows your EXACT shirt/hoodie order.  Again shirt orders will only be excepted through September 3rd.  

I didn't get an extra t-shirt/hoodie order form at rehearsal last week.  What is this all about?  Don't stress.  You can get one this week.  Remember, each student gets a t-shirt with their registration.  These are only EXTRA shirt orders and for those desiring to order a hoodie.  The shirts will be black with our current website logo on the front.

Can I pay online without a PayPal account?

Yes you can.  When you go to check out, select "checkout" instead of "checkout with Paypal" or "continue" depending on which payment type you have chosen.  When typing in your email information, be sure to NOT use an email address associated with a PayPal account or else it will insist you use PayPal.  

How to mail in a payment

If you want to mail in your payment, you may do so by printing the payment coupon located at the bottom of the "make a payment" page and mailing your coupon along with your check to the address listed on the payment coupon.

Have further financial questions?  Contact Trudie Melson who can give you an update on your account as well as answer any further financial questions you may have.