Monday, August 18, 2014

What Can I Expect During the First Rehearsal

Tomorrow rehearsals start and we can hardly wait!  To help calm the nerves a little here are a few things you need to know to get you started on the right foot.

  1. Bring a smile and your medical information.  All parents will be asked to fill out a medical form when you arrive.  Students, you will be given everything else you need on site.  Parents, if you have a pen that may be helpful too.  ;)
  2. Students are free to go right into the rehearsal room when they arrive.  Someone will be there to greet you and guide you to your correct rehearsal location.  And if not, look for the many signs.  ;)
  3. Feel free to meet your child's teacher before coming back to the information table to make a payment, fill out a medical form, or whatever else you may need to do with Trudie (our CFO) or myself.  You will have all rehearsal to get that stuff done.
  4. If you do choose to leave and come back during this first rehearsal, please remember that all parents of elementary students MUST park and come in to pick up their children.   They will not be allowed to wonder in the parking lot which gets really crazy surrounding rehearsals.
Oklahoma City Members
Please enter via the north sets of double doors at the top of the ramp and park in the north parking lot.  The rehearsal rooms are right inside those doors. 

Edmond Members
Please park in the south parking lot off 2nd street.  If you need to park in an overflow area, please park in the old laundry mat parking to the southeast of the church.  All other parking is for the day care center.  Enter the building via the covered driveway entrance.  Once inside the rehearsal rooms will be to your left down the hall.

Norman Members
Please park on the east side of the church near Classic 50s and take the east side doors.  You will most likely need to buzz in to enter.  Once inside, go left, then right, then left and then down the hallway and then left at the ice machine and the choir room is on your right.  Lost yet?  LOL.  Yeah, you all have a very challenging room to find so let me just say this--follow the signs or the encouraging sounds of my voice when you arrive.  Or, if all else fails, ask the receptionist in the office (which is right by the entrance.  Her name is Kheva and she very friendly.  ;)

See you soon!