Monday, August 11, 2014

When Does Choir Start?

The one question I have received emails about more than any other is...


Well, believe it or not it starts NEXT WEEK!  That's right, choir starts August 19th at our Oklahoma City location and August 20th at our Edmond and Norman location.  So if you haven't enrolled yet, NOW is the time.  Unlike years past where we had an orientation meeting and an enrollment day leading up to our first rehearsal, it's now all done ahead of time online.  The first day of choir is the first day of rehearsal.  No more sign-up voice hearings or any of that.  We are going full speed ahead come next week. It's going to be so exciting!

How You Can Help

We are still needing volunteers at each of the sites for the first few rehearsals.  Can you help?  If so, please sign up for a time via our online volunteer schedule.  And thank you!

How do I know when things are happening?

The best way is to be sure to sign up for our member news.  I will give you updates every week of the latest happenings.  If you haven't done so, you can do so here.  The other best way is to be sure and download a copy of the calendar.  You can also import the calendar to your Google calendar here, if you so choose by selecting +googlecalendar below the web calendar.

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