Monday, September 29, 2014

BIG Goof

Okay, let me try that email again about uniforms because I really botched it up (please ignore the previous announcement).

To: Oklahoma City and EDMOND Illuminati and Bella Voce Ladies only (Norman...yours are coming)

Your dresses are here!  Please be prepared to try on your dresses this week during choir rehearsal.  Lynda Nedrow will be on site to help you with your dresses.  Moms, we highly encourage you to stay for this try-on if you are able.  If not, Lynda will be glad to check the fit by herself, but many girls prefer having someone "double-check things."  This try-on will be very important because if your dress does not fit we only have a limited window for returning and getting a different size before the concert.  Thanks!

To: All Illuminati and Bella Voce Men and Norman Ladies

We are still waiting for a second shipment to arrive but understand it should be here within the next week or so.  That said, be looking out for your try-on date soon.