Friday, September 5, 2014

Did Your Illuminati/Bella Voce Student Get Sized?

All the below listed students were measured this past week for new choir uniforms. If your child’s name is on this list and he does NOT need a uniform, please contact me. If your child needs a uniform and was not measured, the follow-up measuring day is Saturday, September 13 at my house. Please contact me for details about time. Thanks.

Lynda Nedrow

Balding, Cameron                                          
Balding, Claire                                                 Laverty, Randi
Baskerville, Anne                                            McAdams, Isaac
Baskerville, Ava                                              McDonald, Celia
Boutin, Samantha                                           Means, Faith
Calloway, Khye                                                Means, Lydia
Connell, Josiah                                                Melson, Kyle
Cox, Conner                                                    Miller, Michaela
Davis, Madeline                                              Myers, Abby
Davis, Mitchell                                                Peterson, Carena
Ellis, Matthew                                                             Robb, Sydney
England, David                                                Robinson, Alyssa
England, Kevin                                                Rowland, Riley
England, Rachel                                              Segelquist, Abby
French, Garrett                                               Sisk, Emily
Guthrie, Filippo                                               Sisk, Morgan
Guthrie, Matteo                                              Snodgrass, Trinity
Hurley, Faith                                                   Swafford, Kendall
King, Zoe                                                         Swafford, Tori

Larimore, Matthew                                        Wagner, Lauren                      Wagner, Mason