Thursday, September 4, 2014

News from Week 3--Final Enrollment Numbers, Dress-up Day, and Uniform Sizing Make-ups

Enrollment Results

Fall Enrollment is now closed.  Congratulations to Diana Chippeaux for winning the $25 Amazon gift card via her recommendation of the choir to the England family.  Remember, if you know of a family who would like to join COHC, registration will again be open in January.

So what are our final enrollment results?  Well, we have a few lingering members who have yet to complete the online form but we have somewhere in the ballpark of 175 students involved in COHC this year!  That's amazing!  That is almost DOUBLE the enrollment we had at the start of the year last year.  Way to spread the word!  We are in for a fantastic year!

FYI, if you are one of the few families who have not enrolled your student yet online, but have attended rehearsals, please do that today.  The enrollment form will be taken off-line on Friday, September 5th.  No exceptions.  Thanks!

Next Week is Storybook Hero Day!

Next week students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite storybook hero for choir rehearsals.  As always, dress up days are completely optional, and are purely a fun activity for the choirs. Do not feel obligated to participate but we look forward to seeing how you dress if you do!

NEXT Saturday is Make-up Uniform Sizing Day

Did you miss the uniform sizing day this week?  Then you still have time to get your uniform ordered for the Christmas concert.  For more information and to arrange a make-up sizing time on Saturday, September 13, please contact Lynda Nedrow at 405-630-7691.  All uniforms for the Christmas concert must be ordered after this date.  Students without a uniform will not be allowed to perform at the concert.