Monday, September 29, 2014

"Real Men Sing Workshop" at OU in November

Illuminati and Bella Voce Men of COHC--today's email is just for you!  

Real Men Sing Worship, Norman

OU is hosting a Young Men's Vocal Workshop in November and it's going to be fabulous.  This annual workshop began in 2011 and now hosts over 900 young men across the state in this one day event under the best male choral directors around.  This year's directors even include one of my favorites whom I student taught under at one time, Tony Gonzalez.

The cost is $20 plus the cost of 3 songs.  The event is one day and includes three choral groups (high school, middle school changed voices, and middle school unchanged voices).

You can read more about the history here and what is going to be sung here.  Then, if you want to register, rather than going through the online registration, Dr. David Howard has asked that we email him personally since we are homeschool families instead of a school.  This way you will be able to get an invoice emailed directly to you.

Include the following in the email:

1. Singer name
2. Singer voice part
3. Singer t-shirt size
4. Singer choir (6-8 unchanged voice, 6-8 changed voice, or 9-12)
5. School Choir (Central OK HomeSchool Choirs)
6. School Director (Mrs. Pam Matlick)
7. Contact email
8. Contact phone
9. Contact mailing address

You will also need to attach a completed minor release form.  

That's it!  I highly encourage you to take part in this special event.  It is going to be amazing!
PS--Once you register, be sure to let us know!  We'd love to be able to announce your name at the December concert as having been a COHC representative at this phenomenal event!