Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 4 News--Shirt Design, Dress Code Reminder, and a Special Highlight

Shirt Design

The design is rocking and the shirts are ordered.  Thanks goes out to Janet Hughes for the design and Skip Rowland of Cherry Tree Workshop for the printing services.  Both are COHC parents whom we are glad to have in our community.  Here is a sneak pick at our shirt design:

Be looking for your shirts by the end of October!

Dress Code Reminder

This last week as I had the opportunity to visit at least a couple of the sites I noticed several violations of dress code.  Thus, today I just share a friendly reminder about the dress code policy in our handbook.  Failure to abide by this dress code could be cause for dismissal from a rehearsal.
  1. Members should dress in a conservative manner during all rehearsals and events. 
  2. Please refrain from bare midriffs and short shorts or skirts. A good rule of thumb: if your fingers placed down your side can touch bare skin, it’s too short.
Overall, just remember that we want to honor God in both our singing and our dress.  If someone is distracted in rehearsal by how we are dressed then our attire is both not honoring God and is distracting that person from singing his/her best for Him.  Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

Special Highlight

This week I had the opportunity to take a few pics and video while I visited the sites and post them on Facebook.  Don't have a Facebook account?  You can view the video here...

As always, if you have a Facebook account and haven't "liked" our page, we'd love it if you do so. This is often where we post fun pics and video updates throughout the year. Feel free to share your favorites with friends and invite them to join us in the Spring or attend our December 12th concert. It's going to be fabulous!