Thursday, October 30, 2014

Choir News--Gatti Town, 2 Special Service Projects, and more

This must be the month of sermon emails because this week will be another one (I apologize for the longevity upfront).  Lots of important and fun stuff though that just couldn't wait to be shared!

Gatti Town Social

On Saturday, November 22 we will be having a Gatti Town Social from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  This is a completely optional (but fun) event for our families and students to get to know each other better and have fun together.  The cost for the event is $12 per person (if paid in advance) which includes a buffet, drink, and $6 game card. All advance payments for Gatti Town will need to be received by Thursday, November 20. You can pay in advance below.

Ticket Holder's Name

Don't want to pay in advance?  You are still welcome to come too.  Just know you will need to pay at the door before entering (~$9 for buffet and drink only).

Want to pay via snail mail?  You can download a payment coupon here.  Remember when you send in your payment and payment coupon to include the name of the ticket holder and the number of tickets desired.

When you arrive, check in at the large banquet room to join the party!  Those who prepay will also receive their $6 game card upon arrival.

Special Service Projects for November and December

Part of the mission statement of COHC is to provide opportunities for our students to serve the community.  As such, we have two opportunities for us to serve others both locally and around the globe this year.  

Our first service project is primarily for the Edmond location, but if others want to participate they are more than welcome too.  On Wednesday, November 19th, First Christian Church will be collecting Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes for the Edmond area.  As such, we have been invited to participate and bring completed shoe boxes to rehearsal on this day if we so choose.  I am very excited about this service project because my girls love their trips to the Dollar Tree every year to get a plastic shoe box, fill it with items for Operation Christmas Child, and then track where it goes around the world.  You can learn more about Operation Christmas Child and how to pack a shoebox here.

Our second project is for EVERYONE and is in conjunction with our One Day Tour where Bella Voce and Illuminati will be visiting Positive Tomorrows, a school for homeless children in the OKC area.  Between now and our One Day Tour, each location will be collecting items to share with the children of Positive Tomorrows when we visit them on December 9th.  Since it is the Christmas season we actually have two kinds of items we can gather:  homeless necessities AND Christmas fun.  You are welcome to bring something on one or both of these lists.  When you bring items, you may turn them into your director at your location.


This week we had an incident where a student got a big lump of gum in her hair (and it wasn't her gum).  That said, just a friendly reminder, please spit your gum out prior to coming to choir--both for your success as a singer and your neighbor's safety.  ;)


This week t-shirts and hoodies were delivered to each location.  If you attended choir this week and had problems with your order, please let me know ASAP so we can get it worked out by next week (the best way is to reply to this email).  Having over 200 shirts to deliver to three locations, I wouldn't doubt I made a mistake or two, although we always hope for the best.  If you were absent, know that your teacher should have your t-shirt and will be glad to give it to you next week.  


All uniforms should be received at this point.  If you seem to be missing one, let us know ASAP.  Also, just a friendly reminder to those in Principio and Music Experience, you are responsible for your own choir uniforms.  Forgot what you need?  You can read more about uniforms here.

Sponsor Needs for One Day Tour

We are still in need of a few Illuminati sponsors for the One Day Tour on December 9th.  If you happened to miss last week's email, you can read more about the tour and our needs here.  If you would be willing to serve as a sponsor for the day, please email me your name, your child's name, location, and your cell phone number by replying to this email.  Thanks!

First Friday of the Month 

Just a friendly reminder to those on the monthly payment plan--next week is the first Friday of the month and the LAST monthly payment for the fall.  If you need to make a payment you may do so here or if you have questions about your statement, please contact Trudie Melson ( for more information.  

Remember--students with outstanding dues will not be allowed to perform in December, and singers will not be allowed to attend rehearsals after the fourth week of non-payment.  All that to say, Trudie and I do NOT like to be the "bad guy" so thank you in advance for keeping your commitment in this regard.  Believe it or not, we function on a rather small budget for our size so every penny counts.  Thank you!