Friday, November 28, 2014

Choir News--One Day Tour Update

One Day Tour Update

Just a reminder THIS WEEK is the last time for those not in BELLA VOCE or ILLUMINATI to bring items to donate to Positive Tomorrows, the homeless school in Oklahoma City.  All donations will be delivered on December 9th during the One Day Tour.  You can learn more about this project and what is needed here.


Due to the fact that all directors and most of our students will be on tour on December 9th, there will be no rehearsals in Oklahoma City on this day.  However, Edmond and Norman choirs would like to invite any students to attend their rehearsal on Wednesday, December 10th.  Seeing as this is right before the concert, this is also a great time to get experience with the other directors before the big concert day!  Check out the full Wednesday schedule here for the best time and location for you.


Due to the fact that this will be our first time to have the groups rehearse together, we have up-ed the rehearsal start time for One Day Tour from 8:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.  The rest of the schedule remains the same.  You can see it here.


Students will have the opportunity to sigh up for their tour small groups this week during rehearsal. Each middle school group will be assigned to a parent sponsor and each high school group will have a check-in sponsor for the trip.


Is a December 10th rehearsal mandatory for OKC students?

Absolutely not, but it is highly encouraged if you are able.

What do I wear for One Day Tour?

Choir shirts and blue jeans.

What's for lunch?

Bring your own sack lunch.  There will be a meeting area at the museum where you can eat your sack lunch when you are not singing.

Are parents welcome to attend the One Day Tour concerts even if they don't go as sponsors?

They are more than welcome to join us for any of the museum concert times.

What if my child needs to leave the tour early?

While we hope your child can attend the entire One Day Tour we realize some of you have Co-Op responsibilities in the afternoon.  That said, if your child needs to leave early for any reason, please give a written letter to your director on the day of tour so they are aware of the situation and can let the sponsor of your child know as well.  We definitely don't want to leave anyone behind!