Thursday, November 13, 2014

Choir News--Uniform hems and Attendance

Uniform Hems

Several have asked so I thought I'd just send out a quick note about those who are hemming their new uniforms.  Dress hems should be barely off the floor with shoes on (about 1" from the ground).  Slack hems should be to the top of the sole. 


Just a friendly reminder as cold and flu season is now here and this semester is drawing to a close, we definitely don't want you coming to choir sick, but remember:

If a member misses 5 or more rehearsals in a semester for any reason, he/she may continue to attend rehearsals but will not be allowed to perform (including tour travel/participation) the remainder of the semester.

While we want EVERYONE to participate in tour and the concert, we do have a few students who have missed 4 rehearsals this semester, thereby cutting it close. We have 3 more rehearsalsleft before the concert day, so let's pray for good health so we can see you there!

A Couple Other Reminders

  • Our One Day Tour was changed to December 9th.  You can learn more about the schedule for the day here.
  • We are still taking donations for Positive Tomorrows, which will be delivered on our One Day Tour.  You can learn more and download a list of their needs here.
  • If your family is interested in attending the Gatti Town Social on Nov.22, advance payment is needed to get the group discount.  You can learn more here.
  • You can view the concert day schedule here.
  • There are no choir rehearsals the week of Thanksgiving.