Thursday, January 22, 2015

Choir News: Choral Experience, Christmas Concert Pics, and a National Anthem Opportunity

Choral Experience Registration is Due NEXT WEEK

This week all children in Principio, Illuminati, and Bella Voce should have received a couple of postcards about the Choral Experience coming up in March.  In case you missed my emails about it, check out the information page on our website.  The deadline to register is Friday, January 30th.  This is one event that not only COHC members can participate, but they can bring their homeschool friends who like to sing but may not be able to attend COHC rehearsals on a weekly basis.  So share those postcards this week with friends, on bookstore, Jimmy John's, and Starbucks bulletin boards, or at your local co-op!  Also, if you Facebook we'd love it if you'd share about the Choral Fest as much as you are willing.  You can like and share from here:

With your help this will be a musical homeschool event for Oklahoma homeschoolers to remember! Thanks!

Christmas Concert Pics & DVDs

Christmas concert pics are now available for you to download.  Go here to preview and download to your heart's content.  Thank you Janet Hughes for making this possible!  Also, for those who ordered DVDS, be on the lookout for a delivery either this week or next.  DVDs will be delivered and distribute through your local director.

National Anthem Opportunity

Great news!  The COHC Bella Voce choirs has been accepted to sing the National Anthem for the OKC BLUE Basketball game.  Elizabeth Lopez of Edmond sent in a recording of the choir singing and they accepted it.  The Edmond Bella Voce group will be learning the Star Spangled Banner to sing at this event and has invited the OKC Bella Voce group to join them.  

Performance Details

WHERE: COX Convention Center
  •  Soundcheck between 5:30pm-6:00pm
  • Dinner: 6-6:30pm $3 dinner provided on sight (it's yummy!)
  • Game time: 7 p.m.7pm
COST: $8 per ticket
CLOTHING: COHC t-shirts / jeans

Rehearsal Requirements

Bella Voce students wishing to participate must learn their part of the Star Spangled Banner and rehearse at least one time with Elizabeth Lopez either at the Edmond location or a special rehearsal that will take place at the Solo and Ensemble contest on March 7th.  

Who is the OKC BLUE

The OKC BLUE is like the junior league under the Thunder.  This is where Thunder players play while they are healing from an injury and where Thunder coaches rotate their expertise.  SO, there are likely several Thunder players playing at this game that you will eventually see on the Thunder court.  

Who Can Attend

While only Bella Voce students have the opportunity to sing the Star Spangled Banner, ANY COHC STUDENT, FAMILY, OR FRIEND is welcome to attend the game at this discounted rate.  Note: Students singing will need to purchase a ticket too.  Use the widget below to reserve your tickets today!

Ticket Reservation Name:

This Semester's Calendar

Just a reminder--you can download this semester's calendar on our website.  Coming up in February?  Bedhead Day!  ;)