Thursday, March 26, 2015

Choir News--End of the Year Calendar and Heartland Festival Info

This week we have a LOT of news to share so instead of bombarding you with all of it in one super long email you can expect a few emails spread throughout the week.  Up first, an overview of the rest of our year and Heartland Festival Info.

What's Ahead

April 1--Heartland Festival Registration Due for Illuminati and Bella Voce Members and Sponsors (see below)
April 3--Bella Voce to sing at the OKC Blue Game*
April 6--Golf Tournament Meeting for Those Willing to Volunteer*
April 7-8--Dress Rehearsal Day--Wear your choir uniform to rehearsal for a uniform check.*
April 14-15--Land Run Dress Up Day (dress in Okie fashion)
April 18--Heartland Festival for Illuminati and Bella Voce students
May 1-2--OCHEC Convention
May 5--Spring Concert
May 9--End of the Year Potluck*

*These are new or slightly changed event dates/times from the original calendar shared in the fall.

Heartland Festival Info

THE HEARTLAND FESTIVAL IS ON SATURDAY, APRIL 18TH, not Thursday, April 16th.  For those of you that read that in our last newsletter, I apologize.  Eek!  It is correct on our calendar.  I am so sorry to cause confusion.  That is one typo that was really not good.  ;(

Registration for the Heartland Festival is due on April 1st for all Illuminati and Bella Voce Students.  Please register via the widget below.

We need 7-9 adult sponsors for this trip, mostly those of Illuminati students, who will be willing to ride on the bus and walk with a small group of students at Frontier City.  Due to the expense of food, bus, and Frontier City, the cost for sponsors is $20.  

To register as a sponsor:
  1. Sign up here.
  2. Pay for both your student(s) and yourself via the widget below.

  1. What is the Heartland Festival? The Heartland Festival is a regional choir contest for public, private, and homeschool choirs.  It is held at various high school auditoriums in the area with the awards ceremony being held at Frontier City at the end of the day.  Choirs are given a critique by two well-known judges, trophies for superior achievements, and the opportunity to hang out at Frontier City as a reward for all their hard work.
  2. Can my child attend the contest and not Frontier City?  Yes, with prior consent.  However, the cost for their participation is still the same because this is an event sponsored by Frontier City, and it is a lump-sum cost.  They don't separate the cost so neither can we.  If they sing on stage, we have to pay the full fee.
  3. Is this a required event?  Yes. It has been on the calendar since the fall.  It is an expected event.  After all, we are only a choir when we have a choir.  ;)
  4. Why is this event not included in tuition?  This event is only for two of the four choirs so we do not feel it is right to charge all students the cost of the tour when not all students participate in the event.
  5. What is the EXACT schedule for the day?  They don't issue our assigned performance times until two weeks out so I cannot give you exact times until approximately April 5th.  However, you can expect this to be an 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. event.  
  6. What is the attire for the day?  Blue jeans and choir shirts.  
  7. Can students change clothes after their performance and wear something different at Frontier City?  Students must wear their choir shirts all day.  However, if the weather is warm, they may switch to appropriate length shorts for Frontier City.  As our handbook says, if your fingers placed down your side can touch bare skin, it's too short.  

Heartland Festival Registration