Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weather Update

Weather for tomorrow, Wednesday, is not looking good.  Stay close to your televisions.  As always, our policy is--if the local public school cancels classes we do too.

Norman--Currently, the weather does not look like it will hit your area until after rehearsals (although that is always subject to change when talking about weather) so let's just pray it stays that way.

Edmond--Forecasters are split as to what is actually going to hit our area and when.  Check the weather. It may be clear in the morning so if Edmond schools are not cancelled and the roads get slick by afternoon please use extreme caution getting to rehearsals.  We want you there, but we want you safe.  Use your own judgment as to weather it is safe to get out or not.  I will also try to keep you updated on our member news thread on our website.

Thanks!  Keep warm!