Thursday, April 9, 2015

Choir News--Land Run Day and Reminders

Land Run Day

Next week is Land Run Day.  Feel free to dress up in your pioneer and cowboy grub and come to choir with a whoop and a hollar...well, a beautiful whoop anyway.  ;)  As always, dress up days are completely optional, but we look forward to seeing how you dress if you do!

Looking Ahead

April 7-8--Dress Rehearsal Day--If you missed it, please check out what your child needs for their uniform, here.
April 14-15--Land Run Dress Up Day (dress in Okie fashion)--See above
April 18--Heartland Festival for Illuminati and Bella Voce students--We still need sponsors and students, if you haven't paid, you can still come.  Check it all out and sign up here.  NOTE:  WE START AND END AT FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN EDMOND.  This is different than in years past, so just FYI.
May 1-2--OCHEC Convention--We need LOTS of volunteers at our booth for this event.  Learn more and sign up here.
May 5--Spring Concert--Every child should have come home with a green piece of paper with all this info on it this week, but just in case it didn't make it into your hands, you can read all about the Spring Concert schedule here.
May 9--End of the Year Potluck & Talent Show--Sign up to bring items for the potluck or enter in our first talent show.  Skits, piano pieces, singing, dancing, gymnastics, jokes and more...they are all welcome!