Thursday, August 13, 2015

Black Tights / Free Trial & Registration Deadline / First Rehearsals / Picnic

What a wonderful time I had the past several days traveling to all locations and meeting so many of you for the first time.  Thank you for welcoming our staff at each location and making our jobs so enjoyable!  I look forward to visiting each site again this week as we begin rehearsals. 

Now on to business…

In the Uniform message sent earlier this week, I stated that the girls in Music Experience and Principio needed to wear white tights.  That’s INCORRECT.  Please purchase black tights for your girls if they are participating either of those choirs. 

Invite your friends to come and try out the choirs.  Anyone can come ONE TIME to ‘window shop’ during choir rehearsals.  For those trying it out one time before registering, please let the Choral Director know at the beginning of class.  Before students can attend a 2nd rehearsal, they must be registered online.  

Registration closes on Wednesday, September 2nd.  I know many of you came to Orientation this week and have yet to register online.  Please do that sooner rather than later as it truly helps each Choral Director know how many students to prepare for in the upcoming rehearsals.  

We can not wait to share the music for this coming semester with each of your students.  Please arrive a few minutes before classes begins as students will more than likely want to catch up with friends.   If you did not complete the bright orange Medlical Release Form, please do so and bring it to the your student’s Choral Director.

Tuesday : OKC @ Baptist Temple
9am-10am            Music Experience / Mrs. Cavett (Fellowship Hall)
9am - 10:15am     Principio / Mrs. Matlick (3rd Floor Choir Room/ Students use the stairs) 
10:15am-11:45am Illuminati / Mrs. Matlick (Fellowship Hall)
10:15 - 11:45am    Bella Voce / Mr. Gill  (3rd Floor Choir Room / Students use the stairs)

Wednesday: Norman @ Bethel Baptist Church
9am-10am            Music Experience / Mrs. Roberts (Fellowship Hall)
9am - 10:15am     Principio/ Mrs. Matlick (Choir Room)
10:15am-11:45am Illuminati/ Mrs. Matlick (Choir Room)

Wednesday: Edmond @ First Christian Church
1pm - 2:30pm      Bella Voce / Mrs. Lopez (Last room on the right …same as last year)
1pm - 2:30pm      Illuminati / Mrs. Cavett (Room just before the Chapel)
2:45pm - 4:00pm  Principio/ Mrs. Roberts (Last room on the right …same as last year)
2:45pm - 3:45pm  Music Experience/ Mrs. Cavett (Room just before the Chapel)


Looking for a fun way to connect and REconnect with choirs families from around the Metro?  Come out to Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers Park on Saturday, August 22nd from 4pm - 7pm.  Bring your favorite picnic foods, your kids, and a get ready to have some fun! Come when you can for as long as you can.  We’ll be looking for you! More details next week.