Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our first week was a success! So many new voices and families are joining the COHC at each site.   In an effort to keep moving forward smoothly at each stie, I’ve jotted some notes down to guide us through the following weeks. 

Don’t forget about the “Back to Choir” Picnic this Saturday (22nd) @ OKC Will Rogers Park.  Come anytime between 4pm - 7pm to meet up with other COHC members.  Bring your favorite picnic treat to share with those who come.   

If you have not yet REGISTERED, please do so today!  Most rehearsals had several ‘visitors’. Students must be enrolled before attending a 2nd rehearsal. And each student must have an orange medical release form completed and submitted to their Choral Director. You can pick those up from the Parent Volunteer Monitor at each site.  Oh— by the way. We still need you to sign up to be Parent Volunteer Monitor.  Follow the links from the Member News from earlier this week to sign up today. 

As a courtesy to you, this past week you were able to make a payment at each location.  As a courtesty to our accountant, all payments from this point forward will need to either be paid through our MAKE A PAYMENT tab or by snail mail to our COHC address.   If you are using the “Mail in a Payment” option, print out the “Payment Coupon” to send with your check.
Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs, Inc
2000 West Danforth Road
Suite 130-204
Edmond, OK    73003
OKC/ Baptist Temple
  • Music Experience students will be led by Mrs. Cavett ’up the ramp’ at 10am in order for parents to reunite with students.  No student will be allowed to go into the parking lot without a parent walking with them. 
  • Principio students will be released at 10:10am from Mrs. Matlick.  They will come down to family members waiting in the front lounge area.  Again, no student will be allowed to go into the parking lot without a parent walking with them.
  • Illuminati students: Please wait until Music Experience has been released to go into the Fellowship Hall for rehearsal. Remember to set up your chairs where they were last week. 
  • Bella Voce students: After Principio students have been released (10:10am) you may go up to the 3rd floor choir room.  No scavenger hunts around the church…head straight up stairs to the choir room. Mr. Gill will be there ready to begin rehearsal at 10:15am. 
  • We ask for all parents, students, and siblings to remain in the lounge at the entrance of the building or in the Study Hall during rehearsals.  People coming up/down the ramp leading to the Fellowship Hall is disruptive to Music Experience and Illuminati rehearsals. 
  • Registration is still open—invite your friends the next 2 weeks!
Norman / Bethel Baptist Church
  • Music Experience is growing and we are excited to offer this class in Norman this year.  Next week Music Experience will begin using a new classroom located past the Choir Suite where Principio & Illuminati rehearse.  One of the moms, Julie, or Mrs. Roberts can lead you to W105 which is the Children’s Church room in the Children’s Wing.  Mrs. Roberts will bring the Music Experience students to the front lobby area at 10am for parents to pick up students. 
  • Principio parents - your students get EXTRA time in class this year! Mrs. Matlick will dismiss and send them to the lobby area at 10:10am.  No students will be allowed to go into the parking lot without a parent. 
  • Our enrollment has room to grow! Invite your friends and take the time to register on-line.
  • Parents and siblings are to use the COHC Study Hall while family members are in class.   
Edmond/ First Christian Church

  • Enrollment has exploded in Edmond—so much so we are now going to have 2 family rooms available during rehearsals.  The church has asked that we not congregate in the halls or in the nooks with couches and chairs as the sound carries into offices and rehearsal rooms as well.  One room will remain a COHC Study Hall for families wanting to continue with school work.  The other room is available for catching up with friends, swapping recipes, playing games, etc. 
  • Drop off :  All choirs are welcome to use the drive-through area at the front entrance to drop your children off before choir begins. Music Experience and Principio families may wish to walk their students in as Choral Directors will not be ready to receive students until just before rehearsals begin.   
  • Pick-up: With 40+ students ending rehearsals at each break, we ask that you do not create a pick-up line in the parking lot at the conclusion of rehearsals.  For your child’s safety, we ask that you enter the building and receive them in the main lobby area.  
  • Beginning next week everyone will need to use the following KEYCODE on the keypad located to the right of the main entrance doors. ( 4396# ) This code is only valid during our rehearsal hours. 
  • Music Experience - Mrs. Cavett will bring the Music Experience students to the main foyer area @3:45pm to reunite students to parents.  No student will be allowed to go out into the parking lot without a parent. 
  • Principio - Mrs. Roberts will dismiss her class at 4:00pm to the main lobby area.  No students will be allowed in the parking lot without a parent. 
  • SMILE!  The Daily Oklahoman will be taking photos during Bella Voce and Illuminati rehearsals this coming Wednesday.