Thursday, August 27, 2015

Where do I find what to wear for concerts?

ONE more week to invite your friends to join the COHC!  We are only 6 students shy of our goal of 175 students for 2015-2016.  If you have visited and have not registered, please do so today. 

Wondering exactly what your child(ren) are supposed to wear for concerts or where to purchase the items needed?  We have the answers right here for you. Click on the links below to take you directly to the webpage for any highlighted item. Items not highlighted may be be purchased at the store or website of your choosing. 

All four choirs will participate in a UNIFORM CHECK during rehearsals on November 17th & 18th.   Students are required to wear their uniforms to rehearsal. On this date someone from either the BOD or COHC staff will examine the uniforms to see that they meet the uniform standards. If they do not, parents will be asked to adjust what the student will wear for the upcoming concert. 

Illuminati/Bella Voce
Guys: Black pants, white long-sleeved collared shirt ,  black T-cinch tie, black belt, black socks, and dress shoes.

Ladies:  Formal black dress with black hose and black closed-toed shoes.  There is a tab on that website that tells how to measure before ordering your dress. 

Still questioning how to measure or what exact size to order?  Call our very own uniform guru— Lynda Nedrow.  You can reach her at 405-630-7691.

Music Experience/Principio
Boys: Black dress pants, black belt, white long-sleeved oxford button-down shirt, black socks, black shoes

Girls: Black knee-length skirt, white long-sleeved oxford button-down shirt, black stockings, black shoes