Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Word from our Choral Directors

This year we are trying someting new!  In order to help keep parents and families connected to what is going on during rehearsals, each month the Choral Directors will share through Member News what’s gone and what’s coming up within the next several weeks.  The information is divided by choral groups.  We hope you enjoy hearing from your child’s Choral Director this week. 

Norman: Mrs. Roberts 
Music Experience in Norman is off and running!  Literally!  We are learning about steady beats that can be slow or fast, and we are playing drums and moving our feet to those steady beats.  We have explored the concept of sound/no sound, and this month we will develop it further as we sing and play with sounds that are soft and loud.

Edmond/OKC: Mrs. Cavett
Our Music Experience students are singing, creating, moving, and playing as we learn how our voices make sound (vibration) and experience sound vibration in many forms.  The music concept focus is DYNAMICS, the formal term for how quiet or loud the sound is.  Some musical words you can ask your student about are forte (loud), piano (quiet). Later in September  you can ask them about crescendo and decrescendo as well as fortissimo and pianissimo. 

Principio - All locations: Mrs. Matlick & Mrs. Roberts
Principio in Edmond is growing! This super bunch of students is learning to work together in unison through classroom procedures, singing games, and focused work on choral music. In September we will begin dividing into two and three singing parts, further explore the concept and usage of meter (example: 4 beats per measure), read and play rhythms, and get more familiar with notated music. These kids are working hard, singing beautifully, and playing with musical techniques to learn even more.

Illuminati— All locations/ Mrs. Cavett and Mrs. Matlick
39 Illuminati students across the metro are working on singing songs like “Mozart’s Celebration Canon” and “Winter Sleigh Ride”.  Don't be surprised to hear them singing the songs they enjoy around the home. They are also learning the art of sight-singing music thanks to a fantastic book donated to the choirs! 

Bella Voce—  All locations /Mrs. Cavett & Mrs. Lopez
If you are hearing an African language being sung at home, you have not lost it.  If you are hearing snippets of Latin while your daughter is putting on make-up, don’t worry!  And, if it seems your son is clapping or stomping at random moments throughout the day, he is actually practicing for an African song we are performing this semester.  We are working towards having the majority of our songs performance ready by our ONE DAY TOUR in late November.  Each student is challenged to practice several times a week in order to make our rehearsal times that much more effective. 

And now a special note from Mrs. Cavett--
"Thank you for the outpouring of generous gifts on our family as we are muddling through the restoration process on our home. Your generosity has allowed us the luxury of meals without thought, replacement of necessities we had to leave behind for cleaning, and the incredible peace of knowing God is providing everything we need.  I am overwhelmed by your generosity and am ever so grateful to all of COHC for your prayers and gifts of support to our family!"