Thursday, September 17, 2015

T-shirts, Pancakes, and Volunteers

Extra-Tshirts can be ordered for one more week by completing an order form available at all rehearsal sites.  Remember each COHC student automatically recieves ONE t-shirt.  If you wish to order additional t-shirts complete the order form and mail it to the address listed on the form.  Short-sleeve shirts =$6 / Long-sleeve shirts = $8.  All orders for extra t-shirts must be received by Friday, September 23rd.  

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser
If you are looking for a way to offset your tuition and for a way to feed your family breakfast, we’ve got a solution for you! A good ol’ Pancake Breakfast is coming in October.  Students (and families) will have an opportunity to perform during the serving time— much like an ‘Open Mic Night’.  Except that it’s breakfast! Here’s the details you might want to know now.  
Date: Saturday, October 24, 2015
Location: Baptist Temple, OKC: Fellowship Hall (corner of 30th & Villa)
Serving Time: 8am-10:30am
Tickets: $8 =12 years & older / $3 =11 years and under
Events like this don’t happen on their own. If you’d like to assist the Board members putting this together, they would LOVE your help!  Please contact Diana Chippeaux to find out how you can help make this event a success. 

Edmond Site Information
We are doing well moving 100+ choir students and family members in and out of classes.  For parents of Principio and Music Experience students, please be on time to pick up your children as the church needs to prepare for Wednesday night events as soon as our rehearsals are over. 
Volunteer Parent Monitor Sign-Up
Take a moment to sign-up to be a Parent Monitor.  You all keep things rolling smoothly while we are rehearsals.  THANK YOU!

Box Tops

We have received word that the COHC does not qualify for the Box Tops program.  If you have saved up Box Tops you may give them to an Educational program of your choosing.