Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's going on in class?

In case you missed it last week, the date for ONE DAY TOUR has been changed to Saturday, November 14th.  All Bella Voce and Illuminati student are preparing for this event and are expected to participate.  

And now a special message from our Choral Directors. 

Music Experience ~Mrs. Cavett & Mrs. Roberts
Music Experience singers are beginning to navigate REAL sheet music in October.    Bar lines, measure numbers, repeat signs, and other music symbols are being introduced to help us navigate our "map" of music. Look for folders to begin coming home for practice with music reading and lyric (word) memorization of our concert songs.  Don't forget visiting day is coming at the end of October! 

Principio~ Mrs. Matlick & Mrs. Roberts
From the sublime harmonies in Dona Nobis Pacem, to the ridiculously funny scales and antics of Ebeneezer Sneezer, Principio students are learning to sing together in unison as well as in harmony. And if you happen to hear your student singing melodies that sound like Chopsticks, but with the words to 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, you are not mistaken! This Christmas, the two will go hand in hand, and we are having great fun preparing it! In the coming month we will be doing more rhythmic reading in our warm-ups and games, and of course, more Christmas music!

Illuminati~ Mrs. Cavett & Mrs. Matlick
Illuminati students are becoming strong independent singers.  They are working on 3 and 4-part harmonies in songs as well as 1 and 2 voice parts in sight-singing exercises. They have been able to carry their parts while also blending their voices.  We are introducing more literature to assist the students in learning to read and understand music in regards to: notes, rhythms, meters, and musical notations.   Songs you might hear around the home are Winter Sleigh Ride, Infant Holy, and Chapua Kali Desmeba.  We are also gearing up for our ONE DAY TOUR on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14th.  Details coming! 

Bella Voce ~ Mrs. Cavett & Mrs. Lopez

This month students will be able to audition for vocal solos in “Chapua Kali Desemba” and for a Narrator role in “Jingle Bell through the Ages”. We are also continuing the challenge of learning to sight-sing music using solfege (do, re, mi…etc.). Your hallways should be ringing with singing of different versions of Jingle Bells as our students are pressing hard on the “Jingle Bells through the Ages”.  This is one of the songs we will be singing on our ONE DAY TOUR on Saturday, NOVEMBER 14th.  It features the well-known melody in a variety of song styles that will surely entertain the veterans at the Norman VA Center.