Thursday, December 10, 2015


Today is the day we have all worked so hard towards since our first rehearsal in August. We have a beautiful musical program ready to share with family and friends.

Q:  What time does my student need to be at Southern Hills Baptist Church(89th Street & S. Penn Ave) church for the afternoon rehearsal?
A: 1:00pm - 2:30pm = Illuminati & Bella Voce
     2:45pm - 4:15pm= Music Experience & Principio

Q: What do students wear to the afternoon rehearsals?
A: The 2015-2016 COHC t-shirt

Q:  Can I leave the church once my student has finished rehearsal?
A:  Yes AS LONG AS  you are back in time for warm-up before the concert.
         6pm - Music Experience / Principio
         7pm - Illuminati/ Bella Voce

Q:  Is this the night to wear the performance attire?
A:  YES!

Q:  What do I do with the folder / envelope full of music?
A: Return it tomorrow after rehearsal.  Each piece of music not returned will result in a $2 fine per lost music.

Q:  Will there be a  place for my student to change into performance attire prior to the concert?
A:  YES!  There will be 4 girls changing areas/classrooms and 2 for the boys.

Q:  Can we bring our own dinner to the church?
A:  YES!  The fellowship Hall will be opened for our use.  Students and families can bring their own dinners and eat it in the Fellowship Hall.  PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN!

Q: What time are the concerts?
A:  Music Experience & Principio = 6:30pm   / Illuminati & Bella Voce = 7:30pm

I hope the about FAQ's will help you as you prepare the day.

Many Blessings to all...and to all a goodnight!