Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yes--we DO have rehearsals on Wednesday

In an effort to ease some confusion, I wanted to pass along that we WILL be having our regularly scheduled Wednesday rehearsals.  The Friday rehearsal at Baptist Temple is in addition to the weekly rehearsals.  Friday will be the first time for us to be working on a stage with all choirs from all locations, so much of our time will be spent on staging.  It's VERY important for your student to attend as this will save us precious time the following week.  If your child has an academic commitment during this scheduled rehearsal, please let your Choral Director know that your child will be absent on Friday.
Mrs. Joy Cavett - OKC - Music Experience / Bella Voce; Edmond - Music Experience / Illuminati
Mrs. Elizabeth Lopez  Edmond - Bella Voce
Mrs. Pam Matlick OKC - Principio / Illuminati; Norman - Principio / Illuminati
Mrs. Johna Roberts Norman - Music Experience; Edmond - Principio

Baptist Temple contacted me today to ask that we use their Sanctuary on Friday for our rehearsals.  We will have a parent volunteer directing the students towards the Sanctuary upon arrival.

TIME CORRECTION  for Music Experience/ Principio
On December 11th, the younger choirs will be meeting at 6:00pm to warm-up in the Choir Suite.  The concert will begin at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary.