Friday, January 8, 2016

Enrollment is climbing UP!

REGISTRATION remains open until January 20th!  The COHC would like to welcome the 23 newest members in OKC, Norman, and Edmond.  OKC gets the award (insert applause here) for the most number of new members with a total of 12.  And that’s not all, we still have 2 more rehearsal weeks before enrollment closes.  We are up to 190 total members.  Could we reach 200 this Spring?  Invite your friends to join TODDAY!

It was great to reconnect this past week with students and parents. Here are a few reminders to ensure we have a smooth and safe Spring semester. 

— Music Experience and Principio parents must come into the building to pick up students.  We will not allow students to go out into the parking lot without a parent.  
— Each church site we use asks us to clean up and straighten up after rehearsals. There is a study rooms and family area at each location for your use while students are in rehearsals.  Please be respectful towards the people and property at Baptist Temple, Bethel Baptist Church, and First Christian Church.
— If you missed seeing our fabulous Mrs. Stoabs (CFO) this past week, you can contact her through email or through snail mail @ 2000 West Danforth Rd, Suite 130-204, Edmond, OK   73003. Any and all financial inquiries should be sent her direction. 
— If your child is going to be absent, please contact their Choral Director. 
— SNOW/ICE DAYS - When in doubt, if the public schools are closed due to snow and ice - so are we.  IF we are closing due to bad weather, a Member News will be posted with that information.

We are off to a wonderful start in 2016.  Can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do within and through the COHC this Spring semester.