Friday, January 22, 2016

New Members, Uniforms & Heartland Music Festival

Welcome to our 31 newest members to the COHC!  We are thrilled that you have chosen to join us this Spring and look forward to hearing you sing.  Each new student is given a COHC t-shirt that will match what was given in the Fall.  This t-shirt is to be worn during special event times like combined rehearsals and  concert day dress rehearsal time. Illuminati and Bella Voce students will wear the t-shirt for the Heartland Music Festival.  Other days will be announced by the Choral Directors and through Member News as they draw near. 

For our Spring Concert, on Tuesday, May 10th, all students need to wear the uniform designated on our website’s UNIFORM tab.  Illuminati and Bella Voce students will need to order their uniform on-line.  All information and links are on that page.  (NOTE: The link for the Illuminati and Bella Voce Men’s pants is being corrected.) Be sure to order you uniforms early to ensure you have it in time for the May concert. 

EXTRA T-shirts!
Get your EXTRA t-shirt order mailed in to our COHC address listed in the Heartland Music Festival information by Friday, January 29th. Forms are available at each rehearsal location.  Ask the Choral Directors if you need assistance. Prices are $6 for short sleeve t-shirt and $8 for long sleeve t-shirt. 

HEARTLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL - Illuminati and Bella Voce (required performance)
The COHC has participated in this festival for many years and each year recieves high marks and has even won the coveted “Judges Choice Award” a few times.  Our older two choirs have already begn learning festival music which will be sung for a panel of judges on Saturday, April 16th.  After both choirs perform, students may choose to enjoy the remainder of the day at Frontier City while all participating choirs await the judges award ceremony held in the late afternoon at Frontier City. 

Heartland Music Festival Fees:  Payment by CHECK ONLY
$22  per student - Festival ONLY 
$52  per student - Festival + Frontier City

All payments for the Heartland Music Festival are due by April 1st and payments are being accepted today.  Mail your check (made out to COHC) to the address listed below. 
Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs
2000 West Danforth Road
Suite 130-204
Edmond, OK   73003

*Choral Directors are not permitted to recieve payments at anytime.