Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Tuition Prices and New Locations for 2016-2017! Read ALL of this email.

The COHC Board of Directors and the Executive Director have been working countless hours since the Fall through this past week to consider the future direction of the COHC.  You, the Members, have aided this process by answering the survey sent to you in late February.  The COHC Staff (Choral Directors, Accountant, Web Designer, Accompanist) have also been involved by responding to a plethora of questions regarding next year. 

Before we move forward, it's important for you to know from where the COHC has come. In the Spring of 2014 the Board made a unanimous decision to expand from one central location (OKC) to three locations (OKC, Norman, Edmond). That decision has led to an enrollment increase from 65 in 2014 to 187 in 2016.  In the coming years we anticipate our enrollment to exceed 200 and the addition of a 4th rehearsal location on the outskirts of the OKC metro. 

In 2009 the COHC increased the tuition to what members are currently paying in 2016. Below is a sampling of line items that have experienced an increase within the past 7 years. 
  • Facility rental (3 locations in 2015- 2016 = $3,145)
  • Liability & Worker’s Comp insurance (2015- 2016 = $1000)
  • OK Unemployment Tax (Required for organization/business with 4 or more employees.  The COHC has grown from 3 paid employees in 2013-2014 to today’s 8 paid employees.)
  • Salaries for 8 employees (2015- 2016 = $29,910)
  • Music (We borrow and purchase music each year. 2015- 2016 = $2,382 for new music.)
  • Bank Fees which includes online business banking options (2015-2016 = $1800)
  • Concert venues = an average of $500 per concert.  This year we were blessed to have Southern Hills Baptist Church GIFT us our Christmas concert venue.  
  • Bus rentals/transportation = $900 
That’s just a glimpse at the rising cost of providing a quality homeschool choral program that spans over 10 months each academic year.  There are many more “lines” within our $43,225 annual budget that continue to see an increase.  The COHC Board of Directors has evaluated and discussed many plans to aid the continued growth and success of our program.  Beginning in the  2016-2017 the following tuition rates will be implemented.  

Number of Students Enrolled in COHC
8 Tuition Installments 
BEST VALUE  = Semester Lump Sum Installments*
*Lump Sum installments show a 10% discount applied to families with one and two students and a 15% discount applied to families with three of more students. First Semester Lump Sum payment is due at the first rehearsal in August and the second payment is due at the first rehearsal in January.  

But wait… there’s more! This Spring we have discovered 2 truths.  
  1. In Edmond the choirs have out grown the classrooms provided by First Christian Church and the church has asked the COHC to change it’s rehearsal day/time for next year.
  2. Our current Norman rehearsal site is not known for homeschool activities and Norman has not experienced the growth seen at other locations. 
Those 2 truths and our survey results have led the Board and Executive Director to pursue new rehearsal sites for the the 2016-2017 school year for both Edmond and Norman choirs. Beginning in August 2016, the COHC will be rehearsing at the following 3 locations with all 4 choirs offered in all locations. 

Tuesdays:  Baptist Temple  - Oklahoma City (2433 NW 30th St) 9am - 12pm
Wednesdays: Trinity Baptist Church - Norman  (801 North Peters Ave) 9am - 12pm
Wednesdays: First Baptist Church - Edmond (1300 E 33rd St) 1pm - 4pm

No days have been altered.  Bella Voce and Illuminati will have 15 minutes added back into the rehearsal schedule.  

The Board of Directors and the Executive Director are excited about the upcoming years and are ready to serve  and represent you, the members, as best they can.  Thank you for doing your part by completing our survey and for answering questions when called upon at random times.