Thursday, April 14, 2016

Heartland Festival and OKC Arts Festival

Illuminati & Bella Voce —See you this Saturday morning at at Putnam City North High School. Wear your COHC t-shirt and comfortable shoes.  Those going to Frontier City need to bring $$ for lunch and be ready for the possibility of rain. All of those going to Frontier City will ride the school bus from PC North to the theme park. 
9:40am — Illuminati - Check in/line up with Mrs. Cavett & Mrs. Matlick 
10:40am— Bella Voce - Check in/line up with Mrs. Lopez 

Parents of Illuminati & Bella Voce students - You are welcome to hear the choirs perform at PC North.  Illuminati performs at 10:20am and Bella Voce performs at 11:20am.  

Students not going to Frontier City can be checked out with Mrs. Matlick anytime after the Bella Voce performance and before 12noon (ie. between 11:45am and 12noon). 

Students going to Frontier City will return to Putnam City North at 6pm for parent pick-up.  If parents want to pick up their child from Frontier City @ 5:30pm, they must Send an email to Mrs. Lopez! 

NO uniform check this coming week (19th/20th)
Students new to the COHC this Spring need to be certain they have either ordered the required uniform (Illuminati & Bella Voce), or have the required clothing for Music Experience and Principio. If you have questions about their uniform, you can refer to our Uniform tab on the COHC website

ALL CHOIRS are performing at the OK ARTS Festival on Thursday, April 21st.  For information on where to meet, what to wear, and what time to arrive - CLICK HERE

OCHEC Convention-Cox Convention Center:  April 28-29  

WE NEED YOU! Sign up for a 1 hour time slot on either Friday or Saturday to answer questions about the choirs and pass out information.  Perfect way to get into this huge (1200+ participants) Homeschool convention FREE! Your kids are WELCOME to come with you as sometimes they are our best ‘salesmen/women’!