Friday, April 8, 2016

OKC Festival of the ARTS: All 4 Choirs performing

If you have questions about any of the following events, please contact me (Elizabeth Lopez) directly by clicking HERE.  

April 16th: Heartland Music Festival 
Illuminati and Bella Voce students should wear the COHC T-shirts, jeans, and comfortable shoes.  Students continuing on with the choirs to Frontier City should bring $CASH$ for lunch/snacks for the afternoon.  The COHC is NOT providing lunch.  If your student is participating in this Festival and you did not receive an email with timeline and details, CLiCK HERE and request that email.  

April 21st: OKC Festival of the Arts 
OKC Festival of the Arts at NEW LOCATION in 2016! All students from all 4 choirs are performing at 11:00am - 11:40am  at the Colcord Stage (sponsored by Sonic).  The stage is located at the intersection of LEE and COLCORD and is at the southwest corner of the Civc Center.  Students should wear the COHC T-shirt, jeans, and comfortable shoes. 

10:00 am Arrival at Festival 
10:15 am Attendance Check at Colcord Stage area:  Look for COHC Banner! 
10:30 am Warm-Up / Line Up
11:00am  Performance 

Immediately following Illuminati and Bella Voce singing “Joshua”, all students can be checked-out from their Choral Director in front of the stage. It will be a bit chaotic checking out 187 students Please work with us as we get your child to you as soon as possible.  We don’t want any child walking off alone.  Safety First!  

April 26-27:  SPRING PRE-SING /All Rehearsal Sites 
Fantastic time to invite friends to your choir rehearsal — especially those interested in joining our choirs for the 2016-2017 school year.  More details next week! 

April 29- 30: OCHEC Convention
Cox Convention Center -OKC
VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED to fill 10 empty hours.  Get with a friend and sign up for the same time slot as we prefer 2 people in the booth each hours.  We need you to sign up for at least one 1 HOUR time slot. This is a cool way to gain FREE entrance into the Convention! Come out and chat up the choirs to the masses! Sign up HERE to volunteer.