Friday, September 9, 2016

Uniform Reminder + Enrollment + 20th Birthday

Happy Birthday COHC!  
Since 1996 there has been a choral option for Homeschool students within the OKC Metro.  During our Spring concert, there will be a time to celebrate the choral successes of the past and present and recognize COHC Alumni and past COHC Choral Directors. We need YOU to help make this a memorable night. Here’s how you can be involved: 
  1. email me photos or audio links of the COHC events, concerts, one-day tours, Heartland Music Festival, socials, etc.  (
  2. Volunteer your media experience in helping to create a media presentation (email me!)
  3. Volunteer your time and ideas by joining a team to make this night memorable! Our Board members are heading this up, but cannot do it without your help.  Email me if you are interested.  
  4. Spread the word to COHC Alumni of our 20th Spring Concert Celebration. 
Uniform News 
Principio Girls: Remember to click the BLACK DRESS for  PRINCIPIO GIRLS DRESSES All of the BLACK dress sizes are still in stock—even the adult sizes if needed.  

If you have not ordered your uniform for your Principio, Illuminati, or Bella Voce student - go ahead and do it now.  Our Uniform tab on our COHC website gives you full instructions on which website (with links) and the exact Item # needed.  

The COHC has 204 students registered for the 2016-2017 season. This is our largest enrollment ever!  To recap a bit of history:  The COHC has expanded from one rehearsal location in Fall 2013 (67 students) to three rehearsal locations in Fall 2016 (204 students).  We have tripled our size in 3 years time!

Fall registration is CLOSED.  If your friends missed out on signing up, they can register this December to join us in the Spring 2017 semester. Current students do not need to re-enroll in the Spring semester.