Monday, September 19, 2016


An OPEN COHC Board Meeting will be held on Monday, October 10th at 7pm-8pm in Oklahoma City.  All COHC members are invited to come for this open meeting. While the location is being finalized, we wanted to get the date out to all of you as soon as possible. 

Those of you who are interested in becoming more involved with the inner workings of the COHC, this meeting is one way to do just that.  The meeting will be run by our current COHC Board President - Karen Helton and our current agenda items are as follows.
1. Nominations for new COHC Board members.  
- Those nominated will be contacted by Karen Helton after the meeting.  Bios of all willing candidates will be sent via Member News to the COHC membership. The COHC membership will be able to vote online prior to the the Christmas concert.  New Board member will be introduced at the Christmas concert on Saturday, December 10, 2016. 
2. Spring Fundraiser
3. 20th Anniversary Celebration for Spring Concert - May 2017. 
4. New Business from COHC Membership

Any new or old business item(s) not attended to during this meeting will be slated for the 2017 COHC Board meetings.