Saturday, November 5, 2016

November Votes / December Staging Rehearsal

Parents!  Here are a few updates to upcoming events.  


OKC Students:  Nov. 8.  Baptist Temple is an election site and we’ve worked with their staff to ensure a successful day of rehearsal. OKC students and families are to use the far right double doors  (Northwest set of doors) to the church on Tuesday morning.  Parents will use the lounge area outside of the sanctuary while waiting for students.  Music Experience Students will be meeting in the Bella Voce rehearsal room on the 2nd floor.  Principio, Illuminati, and Bella Voce will meet in their regular rehearsal rooms.  Please exit the building out of the double door closest to the sanctuary —the same ones you used coming into the building. 

UNIFORM CHECK: Nov. 15-16.  ALL students at ALL locations need to wear their CONCERT UNIFORM to rehearsal.  Any doubts about what to wear?  Click here :  UNIFORMS 

NEW BOARD MEMBERS:   A ballot is headed your way to cast your vote for 4 new Board Members.  A bio for each of the following candidates will be included with the ballot: Stephany Elliot, Susan Hufstedler, Janelle Nation, and Dr. Jennifer Sheppard-Rowe.  By voting electronically now, you will not need to vote during the Christmas concert in December. 


Principio Concert @ SHBC  Dec 4 
The Concert is at 6pm and all family and friends are invited to the “Voices of Christmas” concert.  Warm- up and rehearsal will begin as early as 3:30pm.  More details will come as the church finalizes rehearsal times for all performing groups. 

Staging Rehearsal Schedule @ SHBC  Dec 9  (UPDATED REHEARSAL SCHEDULE!!!)
9:00am -   10:30am   Music Experience & Principio (students may leave once rehearsal is over)
10:45am - 12:00pm Illuminati & Bella Voce
12:00pm - 12:30pm LUNCH @ SHBC.  Students can either bring their own lunch OR bring $3 for a pizza lunch.  Illuminati & Bella Voce  students need to bring their own drinks. 
12: 30pm  -3:00pm    Illuminati & Bella Voce 

Christmas Concert @ SHBC  Dec 10
2pm - Music Experience & Principio Concert

3:30pm Illuminati & Bella Voce Concert