Thursday, March 23, 2017

Solo & Ensemble Volunteers NEEDED / April Calendar

In 48 hours the COHC will host the Oklahoma Homeschool Solo & Ensemble Contest.  Over 120 students from around the metro will be performing from 10am - 12pm at First Baptist Church - Edmond (1300 E 33rd Street- Edmond).  Thank you in advance to those of you who have signed up to help in various ways during that morning time.  
We still have 22 vacant time slots to help with: 
  • Registration:  Checking in students as they arrive.  
  • Green Room:  Keeping goodies (volunteered by parents) on trays and the room inviting for our guest Adjudicators, guest Clinicians,  Accompanists, & Choral Directors
  • Room Monitor:  Sitting outside Adjudication room and assisting the Adjudicator by sending in soloist or ensembles at the appointed times indicated by the schedule…which will be posted and provided. 
  • Runners: Need extra “steps” on your FitBit?  Parents will bring the completed adjudication sheets + music from the Adjudication rooms (upstairs) down to the “Awards” area in the Foyer.  Lots of steps and stairs during a 30 minute shift!
  • Adjudication Sheets/Awards: “Rewarding” volunteer spot (pun intended) for any parent who enjoys giving handing out awards for those who receive a “Superior” rating and adjudication sheets + returning music for all soloists and ensembles.  And…no walking involved because the “Runners” will bring everything you need to you! 
Sign up HERE  to volunteer.  Thank you!

Heartland Music Festival Payments:  ALL Illuminati & Bella Voce students are automatically registered for this multi-state choral competition.  Payment is due by April 1st. Parents if you have not mailed in your payment, you can BRING your Heartland Music Festival payment on Saturday to the Solo & Ensemble festival between 9am and 11am.  Laura Stoabs will be at the Registration Table to receive any payments. Please do not give your payments to anyone other than Laura Stoabs. 

What’s Happening in March & April? 

  • March 25: Solo & Ensemble Contest @ First Baptist Church- Edmond (10am - 12pm)
  • March 25: Combined Rehearsals for Illuminati & Bella Voce @ First Baptist Church - Edmond (12:30pm - 3pm)
  • April 1:  Payment due for Heartland Music Festival
  • April 7:  Combined Rehearsals for Music Experience & Principio @ First Baptist Church - Edmond (1pm - 3pm)
  • April 22: Heartland Music Festival - Illuminati & Bella Voce (local school+Frontier City)
  • April 25-26: Prospective COHC Students Days!  Bring a friend to choir who wants to join in the Fall 2017.
  • April 29: OK Festival of the Arts — Music Experience & Principio performance @ Bicentennial Park in Downtown OKC (3pm -3:20pm performance time)